Monday, January 11, 2010

Isn't she ADORABLE!!!! Well, I will know in just a few short hours if she will be coming to live with us today or not......We are HOPING, PRAYING, and well just HOPING some more that it will be so :)

I have been wanting a boxer puppy for quite some time now and this opportunity came about. She is 7 weeks old today and will be going to the vet this morning and if he says she can go ....I will be getting a phone call. My kids are so excited .....I am SO EXCITED :) We can't wait. I am so glad it will be warming up this week into the 40's at least so potty training won't be AS BAD ;0) trying to do this when it's 3' would have been a bit much!

I pray everyone has a blessed Monday and a wonderful week....Please don't forget to be in prayer for Denise and her lovebug Eddie and our friend Erica is out looking for a job and needs your prayers as well! Ron and Alle too! and for a whole other list visit my friend Beth who has a prayer blog .....Many are in need today so please join in and help lift them to the Throne Room!

Love and Blessings to you all!