Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dorm room pics and Thanks!

Goodness Gracious..... I have been super busy with getting Jenna settled at College and then we had to get my Son ready to return to school Today!! Boy, will the house ever be quiet!! I took Jantzen to get a few things to wear for school and then grabbed some supplies for his classes. When the kids get older it seems the teachers don't give you a list of supplies until they have been in class a couple of day. It is not my favorite way of doing things. I am not sure why they do it this way but we really can't do anything about it LOL. I just really appreciate those teachers who do put out a supply list when we are enrolling! I feel like I am sending him to school Unprepared! HA..... Anyway, Spending a day with him is always a treat! We got to have lunch with my Mom which is always wonderful!

Mom also went up to help us move in Jenna....We all had so much fun and although we were there for a REALLY long time LOL, and NO! I didn't drag it out AT ALL....ok....Maybe just a little ;) We finally got everything unpacked and in order for her. Mom and I even found some Orange hangers 10 for $1.00!!! (we got 70) and redid all of her closet in them! It looks so cute and that is the one thing I didn't get a picture of! :(

Anyway, here is her dorm room.....

This is her side of the room. Her little desk with her New Mac and IPad 2 and OF COURSE her princess poster :) My little Priness LOL
She also took her colors and coloring book *GRIN* She is such a little girl at heart! Anyway it is so cute and cozy!

This is the door into their room....Jantzen thought it would be awesome to put the orange bandana on the door and they Loved it! Way to go Jantzen :)

This is the girls make up and hair station. They don't have a sink in their room or a bathroom. That is all just down the hall...She got some flip-flops to take showers with. I remember all to must have shoes ON to shower in the dorms HAHA! We got her refrigerator and microwave up and going and their Tv and DVD Player. They are SET!!

She is doing really good! This is howdy week so there are no classes but a lot of fun activities for the college campus as well as in their own dorm and these are planned for the students each day. She LOVES the Workout facility! I got a text yesterday that read..... I burned 600 calories !!! She told me before she moved down there "I will NOT gain the Freshman 15!!" LOL I believe her! :)

Thank you all so much for the kind words on my previous post! It is certainly an adjustment for each of us! You all make it so much easier with your Love and Encouragement.... Thank you each and everyone of you!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥