Thursday, May 6, 2010

A new spin on Thanks ;)

Well if your came here looking for "THANKS" you may find it in a whole new form. I am joining KMama @ the Daily Dribbles for Thankyou Very Much Thursdays....a form of "Therapy" for some ;)

Thankyou very much to the young woman who checked me in at the Doctors' office yesterday. I arrived 10 min. early since I had such a tight schedule and wanted to make sure it all worked out in time but YOU, yes YOU checked in the person below me and person after person went into their scheduled appt's while I sat there not understanding why after 1 hour I had not been in to see the Doctor!! Oh Yes, thankyou very much!

Thankyou very much MAGGIE for being outside on your leash that you HATE and coming inside after 4 hours only to go potty causing my DH to become VERY UPSET and have to clean up your incredibly Large MESS! Oh ya...thank you very much!

Thank you Gina Holmes the author of the new book I am reviewing for writing such an amazing book Crossing Oceans ~ so amazing in Fact that I could NOT put it down for the 2nd night in a row and only getting a few hours of sleep ~ Yes thankyou very much!

And finally thankyou Biggest Loser videos~ for being such a great way to break in to doing the 30 Day Shred....I am so sore now it hurts to walk....Whatever will I be when I start that? Yes~ thank you all so very much for breaking me in and making ever so sore!

Happy Thank you very much Thursday everyone ;)