Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lisa Smith

Isn't She Beautiful! ~ This is Lisa Smith. Some of you may know her and know of her story, but if you don't ~ then let me share with you. She is definately someone you will want to get to know! I found Lisa one day I believe in the very early stages of her finding out she had cancer. I couldn't believe this young, beautiful and very vibrant MOTHER OF 4 had cancer. It seems this word, this haneous disease, is everywhere. I have said it before and will say it numerous times again I HATE CANCER!

Lisa is a woman who is fighting this disease and her insurance company in a way the not only shows a Strong Determined Woman who wants to be Victorious and CANCER FREE but also brings glory and honor to God. She stands everyday in complete Faith of what God is doing and trusts what HE will continue to do! Yes, Lisa is surrounded with Family, friends, church family and all of these will prove to benefit her with each day that passes but Lisa knows her true Strength and Hope lies in her Heavenly Father and His Word is lighting the path in a trail of darkness....

Her story has captured the hearts of many. Her local TV has shared her story on the NEWS....tell me that is not God! She was diagnosed with Sarcoma cancer in her breast. A very rare place for this to appear! She was not satisfied with her options and sought out a 2nd opinion with MD Anderson, who is one of the leading Cancer Treatment Centers! They performed surgery last week and Lisa is at home recovering and waiting to see what her cancer treatment will be, what stage her cancer is in, and what type specifically she is dealing with. The Staff at MD Anderson has rallied around her and her family as well as others in her community (which is also a God thing)

I wanted to share with you her fight not only of Cancer (if we have that shouldn't that be what we should be able to focus our fight on ~ NOT OUR INSURANCE COMPANY!!) but also she is having to battle her insurance company Scott and White. Below you will find a cartoon that explains in detail the battle she is facing. How she did this I will never know but WOW....I am impressed! That is just the way she operates.....what she does, she does well and with class but mostly with honor to the LORD!

Also please take her button, go visit her blog, pray for her, pray for her family, her recovery, her healing! She has a prayer wall on Facebook that is completely full....meaning 24 hours a day 7 days a week someone is lifting up Lisa and her needs to our Father crying out on her behalf! How awesome is that....tell me that isn't why sooo many things are happening for this precious woman of God! But even so, we all need to help.....I don't want to see someone else lose their life to this disease ~ to see any more children lose a parent to cancer!

Standing & believing!

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