Monday, August 10, 2009

A new website

I shared with you all about my friend Jennifer and the new website she has been able to be a part of called InCourage. Well, today is the grand kick-off and they are asking for us to share what (In)courages us. I have to say, for me, I am filled with (in)couragement by so many things but today I have to say.....It is truly by the man the Lord chose and made just for me. My husband ~ Brian.

He has been an amazing support to me this summer. He has been mom, dad, housekeeper, caretaker (yes my daughter had her wisdom teeth cut out while I was away and he is THE BEST nurse!) chef, and so much more. All of this and he still went to work everyday and he has NOT COMPLAINED one bit! He has been there to listen, encourage and pray for and over me no matter what time of day or night! He has given me laughter on days that literally carried me through !! When he was able to come to Florida to spend time with my Dad he worked tirelessly on whatever my Dad needed him to do. My Dad told him

"Brian...A few days ago I told Loren how grateful I am that you are her husband and Jenna, Jantzen's & Krista's father. You are an example of what every father should be. You have a deep spiritual life, you show how much you love your children, you are a light for them to follow, and with Loren you have created a family that everyone wants to model. It has been my pleasure to know you!"

Yes, this is the man the Lord chose for me....THAT.....Incourages me! Thankyou Honey for EVERYTHING you have done, for loving and caring for me so wonderfully, for supporting me in everything I do and for being the most kind, loving and caring Father. For working so hard for all of us each and every day no matter where you are ~ at work or here at home. For being the example of Christ and ALWAYS pointing us to HIM! I love you and praise God for you every single day.