Thursday, April 22, 2010


Happy Friday Everyone!

Sometimes throughout the day Krista our oldest daughter will send us pictures of Rylee ~ I cherish each and everyone... This week I have to say are some of my favorites but also the ones that have made me laugh the MOST :)

Isn't she just the most precious baby doll !! I love this picture!!!

I can just hear her laughing in this one :)

Join Kim for more Friday Funnies here

Have a blessed Friday everyone!

Love notes from Jesus

Today Lynn is asking us to share our Sweet Moments in which we have seen Jesus this week....

Actually I have seen Him in his beautiful flowers blooming ~ all the amazing colors. The flowers that I would have thought died in my front flower bed, yet they bloom out again in their beauty and splendor ~ it just amazes me!

But as I pondered on what spoke to me most this week it was in the book I was reading. I took a little break from reading books for review and read a book of my choice ~ Karen Kingsbury's book "Take Three" As usual it was soooooo good! I laughed, I cried, and of course I couldn't put it down but there was ONE LINE in this book that I will remember for a long time to come and found it fitting for this post:

"Our job as believers is to be an answer to someone's prayer ....every long as we live"

Years ago when the Prayer of Jabez became a phenomenon people purposefully looked to bless others and actually sought the Lord each day for those "Divine Appointments." But like most things, people get excited and then as time goes on we lose enthusiasm and each day those request are fewer and far between. Do you know what I mean?

But guess what!!! The Lord NEVER loses HIS enthusiasm for YOU or for ME! We are HIS body and each and everyday HE has a plan for us to be HIS spokesperson....May we be reminded to seek how we can be a blessing to others in HIS HOLY Precious Name!!

How have you seen Jesus this week?