Sunday, March 14, 2010

PIgeon Forge

We MADE IT!! We drove a total of 19 hours stopping in Memphis spontaneously and decided to go through Graceland. I was so impressed.....Elvis bought Graceland at age 22 for $100,000 along with 13 acres. The decor is definately the best of what was in the 70's shag carpet from floor to ceiling. They had a TV in the kitchen and 3 TV's in his living area since he was told the President watched all 3 networks at the same time so by golly he would too! What astounded me was the wall of his gold and silver platinum records ONE AFTER THE OTHER lined the hallway! IT.WAS.AMAZING! To say the least. There is also a room of even MORE awards that have come since Elvis died. They have his clothing is glass cases along with the wedding attire worn by Priscilla and Elvis. I loved the sweet pictures of the family scattered about the home. Lisa Marie was just the cutest little girl!

We were also able to see his plane called Lisa Marie which at the time was quite the thing back in the 60's. He had a bedroom, a living area, a bar which if you didn't know Elvis was not a drinker...He liked gatorade, Diet Dr Pepper and some seltzer water but not really big on alcohol.

This is the jungle room you see the wall is a special indoor waterfall, notice the chairs!

This is the living rom in Blue and Yellow. It had the 3 tv's and the funky monkey! What is that??? LOL

This is Elvis' kitchen that Priscilla said was used day and night. Someone was always up and food was always being prepared

Priscilla and Lisa Marie

Entrance just outside the front door

This graveside is right beside his parents and grandmother. Also Elvis had a twin brother who is buried elsewhere but they had a marker to honor him there as well

This is the room I told you about that has awards since his death and trust me this is only a is unbelievable!

Wedding pic ....the dress and tux are just to the Iphone couldn't get it all in ...darn!

The hallway of Gold and Silver platinum records....There are hundred of awards!

The Infamous Gold Suit

Hope you enjoyed your tour :) My iphone doesn't take the best pics but you get the idea :)
Love and Blessings!