Monday, March 29, 2010

So blessed

Last week my kiddos got the lovely stomach flu. I hate that bug! But honestly, we have been blessed because you know it goes around so many times and we haven't had it for quite some time PLUS, my husband and I were spared of catching it. PRAISE.GOD! MY DH cleaned up the yucky stuff when my son missed the toilet a time or two . Ya, HE IS THE BOMB!!! I can handle alot but not throw up :) Let's just say, I take care of handling any animal throw up or accidents so .....we are even, right? ;)

Anyway ~ it was a crazy week to say the least. But, my sweet hubby made this weekend so special for me. Quite a while ago my mom had asked us to be a part of her potluck group dinner because this month she was the host. We had made arrangements for our kids to stay with their sister for the night but after they got sick I just didn't know if it would happen or not. Well, I am happy to say on Friday both kids were back in school and by Saturday were feeling great and back to their happy selves. So we were able to have the night to ourselves and also enjoy being with my Mom and Stepdad and all of their friends....funny and oh so sweet friends! It was an entertaining evening :) My mom just always does a beautiful job and her personal touch on everything shows the love in her heart that she has and makes everything so special!

Unfortunately Mom was the one snapping pics all evening and there isn't one of her :( I will make sure that doesn't happen again!!!!

I am so blessed ~ Thank you honey for a night with you. Thank you Mom for letting us be a part of your sweet friends and enjoying a night filled with love and laughter. Thank you Lord for loving me and blessing me with such a wonderful family!

Have a blessed Monday!