Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Funnies ♥

Sometimes we just have to tell on OURSELVES...ya know! Keeps us humble, right?! RIGHT!

So I was outside watering my flowerbed (thank you Lord the water rationing has been lifted!) and I walked to my mailbox to check for mail delivery. We just recently had some new neighbors move in. We have new neighbors on both sides now! Anywhoo....They are a young couple with a baby boy named "memphis" (maybe about 13-14 months old) who happens to be outside with his daddy. Now then, Memphis was buck naked! Yep, you read that right....BUCK NAKED! His daddy waves at me across the way and says, "i'm just lettin Memphis have some naked time" to which I reply, "Well, there is no better time than that is there?"...........Wait. What did I just say? Is he looking at me funny? Oh gosh, he's shaking his head and laughing....Wait, I just meant~ for a baby...Yes, for a baby there is nothing better than running around naked!! Not me, I would never....

Oh bother.

He just turned around and went inside. Probably thinking to himself....Wayyyy to much information there neighbor! :) LOLOLOL

Oh yes.....I was bright red and oh so embarrassed ...

Happy Friday my friends! I am off to Nashville today for the wedding! I am sooo excited! :) If you don't mind can you please say a prayer for safe travel!