Thursday, May 27, 2010

WOW What a Week! Thankful Thursday

This has been a fast and furious week filled with celebrations of all kinds!

Monday Jantzen was honored with Top Student in Honors English, PE and then he was given the All Time #1 Student in Honors Science. This award was a bit different because Jantzen is a Student-Aide in this class. His teacher and all of the Science teachers expressed that Jantzen went above and beyond each and every day and they were all in agreement that they have NEVER had an Aide who was as good as he was. His teacher told "one funny story" on him. She explained that each night on Facebook Jantzen would check in with her asking what they would be doing in the morning so he could be prepared. He was also named "Barista Boy" because he made each teacher their coffee and also started a coffee fund and had my husband take them coffee from the local coffee shop we purchase our coffee beans from because, well, Jantzen just couldn't handle drinking Folgers! LOL yep ~ that's my boy! He has been drinking coffee since he was 2! My mother-in-law started him on it by pouring coffee, cream and sugar into his sippee cup :)

Jantzen receiving his first award

On Tuesday Brian and I celebrated our 20 year anniversary ♥

First off ~ He worked out with me!!! YAY~and it was level 2! What a man I have!
Then we went to lunch and walked around and shopped a bit. We went and hung out at Barnes & Noble for a bit and then we went to dinner. Had a precious waiter who was working his last night because he was quitting to move to a small town to begin taking care of his grandma who will begin dialysis. He was such an awesome waiter and told us "I have been spending the last few years taking care of people everyday and now it is time I take care of my grandma." How sweet is that! We will be praying for you Jeremy and your grandma!

He we are after our wonderful day together

Wednesday both Brian and I worked at Jantzens Spring Fling! Can you say HOT!! It was sooo hot and there were sooo many kids and we were in the sun all day! I worked the inflatable boxing ring LOL and Brian worked one of the big inflatable slides.
We had so much fun doing this and spending the day with all these kids :0)

Here is the rock climbing wall

in the distance Jantz is riding the twister ride

Jantzen and his best buddies Drew and Landon waiting on the concert they had in the afternoon

Here are the boys having a duel with their inflatable swords? or whatever these were called LOL

Jantz trying to hang on to the mechanical bull

I am sooo very proud of my Son. Every one of his teachers and his Principal came up to Brian and I and shared how very wonderful Jantzen was and that they were going to miss him so much. One teacher told me she wished she could flunk him so that he wouldn't have to leave. LOL Here we have centers so all the kids in this school are 6th graders hence they attend the 6th grd center next year 7th grade center and so on until 9th grade which then turns into the MID HIGH. Jantzen truly has a servants heart and hearing all these teachers and his principal share just makes this momma and dad so proud and thankful for the LORD working in and through our young man!

Thursday we will celebrate our first day of Summer Vacation. YEP ~ we are sleeping in and doing a whole lot of nothin! :) I will be going to my last rehab for a while! :)

Thank you Lord for such a wonderful week thus far!