Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday January 16

I love Fridays! It is the day that I get to spend with my mom! We usually go to lunch, or breakfast, sometimes I do her hair or we just hang out together! I have always been incredibly close to my mom,the Lord has definately blessed me!

Today we are taking my daughters car into the dealership to put her cd player in, something her daddy negotiated when we bought the car and she is stoked! But I had to drive her car this morning to take J to school and I was reminded what it was like to drive a COLD CAR without seat heaters and wait for the heater to warm the car!!! LOL. Oh well, keeps me humble I suppose. It just didn't feel good on any of my joints but today is suppose to be warmer, I think up to 30 or so.

I am going to have to be really tight with money over the next month or so....we had something very unexpected come is my chance to put my goal into action. Creating a grocery envelope, looking at ads, planning a menu and OBEYING the rules!!

With God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE, now my job is to be obedient and persevere!