Thursday, August 11, 2011

Updates with Thanks

Being Thursday means Thankfulness is in the Air!!

I am sooo thankful for:

Jantzen went to Orthopedic Doctor and he won't have any surgery! He is able to keep the soft cast on which means he can remove it during showers as well as taking it off 3 times a day to do exercises to gain his range of motion! The break will heal fine and we return in a couple of weeks to see how he is progressing! What a great doctor we had!

No results on his EEG yet ~ at least the test is done and he didn't have to miss the 2nd day of school like we originally thought!

With this being my daughters last week at home before leaving for college I am so thankful her wish was to spend so much time with family! She asked to have our granddaughter come spend the night....Rylee LOVES her Aunt Jenna and believe me Aunt Jenna loves loves loves her Rylee. She took her to the zoo, they colored, they glued, they took naps together. It is just precious watching the two of them! Then she wanted to have time with her Sister too so we all had a big family dinner on Tuesday night :) So thankful for nights when we are all together. Wednesday night she was treated to dinner by my Mom and Stepdad aka: Nanny & Papa!
Mom took all 4 grandkids to dinner and she asked the kids to write a note to Jenna and they read them at dinner ~ so much fun!

I am also sooo very thankful for the rain we have received!! We have had Thunderstorms and rain 2 evenings in a row and I can't tell you what a treat it has been! My husband walked in the house around 7pm and said..."Wow ~ the air conditioner isn't running AND we don't have to water our plants tonite!" PLUS, the temperatures did not reach 100 or over for the first time in months! Can I get an AMEN!!! HALLELUAH!! and a THANK YOU JESUS!!!! :)

I am so thankful for my sweet Son! He is just one of the most thoughtful young men and knows the importance of cherishing each and every day.

Last but not Least, so thankful for all of you! Thankful you come to the MagoosNews and encourage me and share the gift of your friendship! What a blessing you all are! Thank YOU!!