Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Memories ♥

4 years ago when my daughter was a Freshman in High School one of her teachers approached her and recommended that she become a trainer for the athletic department. She came home and shared with us all the he had told her and we thought it sounded perfect for her! She was the first one to turn in her application and shared with the Trainer Coach that she was serious about this and that wasn't in it just to be around a bunch of boys! LOL As it turns out she has done a fabulous job and she has enjoyed every bit of it! She does every sport with the exception of baseball. It goes without saying that Football has been her favorite by far! As the Season comes to an end and the Playoffs begin, she and the other Senior girls are quickly realizing that all to soon they will be taping ankles for the last time. Just once more they will listen to the crowd cheer while the band plays our fight song. One of the teachers put together a video!! What a gift this is for all of these kids and what wonderful memories they have captured and to have them all put together in a video!! As the proud Momma of the Queen I am so very thankful! I just had to share it with you guys