Thursday, August 27, 2009

thankful Thursday

It is Thursday! Iris has many joining her today on this day in which we offer our thanks so please go see others grateful hearts and join in if you want!

Today I am thankful to say....

The are allowing my Dad to go home!!! He is going home on Oxygen but it is only when he is up and around. His spirits are great as usual and he is proven to be a fighter no matter what comes his way! This I am so thankful for!

I am thankful to be returning to Florida even for a week! and this time my brother will be joining me the latter part of the week! wahoo!

I am thankful for the gift of friendship! I have been blessed with the love of my friends here at home and by so many of you in the blog world! I see the Lord in each and everyone of you and it humbles me and fills me with so much LOVE!!

I am thankful for the gift of a handwritten many times do we make the daily walk to the mailbox and pull out nothing but ads, bills, and yet when you see a special stamp and stickers :) along with your name handwritten you know you what a joy that can bring! Inside I received a note from my dear friend Kat at HEART2HEART. She sent such encouragement and love and it just made my day!! Thankyou Kat

I am so thankful that my kids are adjusting to school so wonderfully. They have great teachers this year and truly are enjoying school so far!!

and to the Lord..... I am so thankful for HIS daily and sometimes hourly touch, word, peace and overall assurance that HE is with me, strengthening me and allowing my honest and transparent worries, fear and concern over these past few days to just be covered by HIS grace and mercy. He is Faithful and JUST. HE is LOVE. HE is my STRONG TOWER and knows that while I may allow these things to enter my mind or consume my thoughts at times HE waits for me to crawl into HIS lap, HE longs to bring me security and hope and for me to understand that NO MATTER WHAT .....HE IS WITH ME.