Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm Sorry

We had a wonderful, fun, family filled weekend. Rylee was here until late Saturday when Brian and I went on a Date night w/ our friends Dan & Angel! When we met our daughter with Rylee to give her to her momma & she did not want to leave her Papas arms. Brian said "Oh my goodness, Papas' head is going to explode!!" LOL

Oh the Love of a grandchild!!

We had so much fun on our date night and had a FABULOUS dinner! Thanks Mom for suggesting such a delicious place :)

Well, I have alluded to you all recently about myself not being so nice or being somewhat cranky! YES I HAVE BEEN AWFUL! Last Monday my friend Angel posted on "our responses" and while @ dinner, I shared with Angel about how that post is STILL continuing to speak to me!

I have shared about my health issues in the past, and about a month ago I began experiencing some inflamation issues again. Grrr! I had NOT been to the doctor for at least a year and a half and because the pain was so bad I had to go in and he did some blood tests and the auto immune stuff showed up positive AGAIN. This means a number of things, but to me and my body, it meant that the Doctor would put me back on Prednisone. I H.A.T.E. PREDNISONE! why??

It makes me Hungry ..... all.the.time!
It makes me soooo (MUCH MORE) HIGH STRUNG!

Seriously, my mind is doing things before my body is able to catch up and my family is just about to go nuts! What I MUST do is this:

Seek the Lord
Rely on the Holy Spirit
Renew my mind and not conform (to the meds)
Allow HIS Word to work in a doer of what I am hearing and reading

I am also frustrated because I have worked so hard on doing My Shred w/Jillian Michales and I feel the inches piling on and certainly see the bloat in my face! The thing the nurse told me about Prednisone is: You will gain weight and it won't be easy to take off! Well, it's true but I did lose weight (not all just yet but hey! any loss is awesome!) and am still working out so I won't gain all I have lost!

James 1 speaks to each and every thing I have described!

v 2 ~ Count it Pure Joy when we face a trial or challenge says the Message~ this is an opportunity for God to do something in me
v 5 ~ If I lack wisdom, God will pour it out for me (generously) without finding fault! Halleluah! without Fault!
v 12 ~ I will be blessed if I persevere during this trial and stand the test!
v 13-14 ~ God is not tempting me with Food, Frustration, or anything evil! Thank you Lord
v 17 ~ Allow this to be a good and perfect gift from the Lord
v 19 ~ Be slow to anger! ......nuff said there huh!

I will be seeing a Rhuematologist next Monday and finding out more so until then would you all mind whispering a prayer for me and for my sweet family!

Have a blessed Monday my friends