Friday, March 30, 2012

Google shut me down? HELP!

I have a question....

Has Google ever shut your blog down before?

I noticed one day, my gmail had a lot of emails that had been returned stating "Unable to deliver -or something like that. Thing is, I NEVER SENT THEM! Then it happened again! Then the following morning my Mom texted me asking why my blog was removed.... Momma say what??? Sure enough, Google had shut it down due to "suspicious activity"

I have a MAC & you know what they say.... mac's just DON'T get viruses. Well, I had to have gotten something and I have spent a lot of time over the past two days trying to figure all of this out. My honey is out of town so I am trying all of this on my own.... LOL. At least I have my blog back and my gmail as well. This is sooo not fun!

So have you ever had this happen to you? I hate to say this, BUT, I had removed the verification code (that RIDICULOUS ANNOYING and OH SUCH A PAIN) from my comment section but ever since then I have been noticing things like this. Not as big as this but still things are not right. So now I am praying I won't have to put that annoying thing back. If you have removed yours, have you had any problems with spam or malware?

Please, Let me know, and if you have any tips or suggestions, lay it on me ;)

Have a blessed Friday and a wonderful weekend my friends!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Pastor and the Projects

So I shared with you all that we asked the kids what they would like to do for Spring Break. Both of my kids chose something that was with their dad. ** sniff sniff ** No, really I'm kidding! I LOVE it when my kids get one on one time with their daddy! It is soooo very important! Jantz wanted to go to the shooting range (which unfortunately didn't happen due to the rain- so he got a raincheck... hahaha, a raincheck- too funny! Anyways, Jenna asked to make some cupcakes from a recipe she found on Pinterest. She shared that each recipe used beer. One called for Corona and the other was a beer called Blue Moon. I have never even heard of Blue Moon before. Honestly, I didn't know how in the world making cupcakes with beer would even taste good but was willing to try them.

Soooo, I guess I should inject here that we are not drinkers. We have tried very hard to be an example to our kids. Both Brian and I grew up with alcoholic fathers and saw the damage it did to their lives and experienced first hand the damage it did to us. It was very important to us to teach our kids that you can break those generational strongholds!
So when we were getting what ingredients were needed for the cupcakes of course we had to get both kinds of beer. I didn't want to get a whole 6 pack of beer so I asked my husband if he could just stop @ one of the QuikTrip or Kum&Go stores to see if they have just one of the big bottles instead of doing a whole 6 pack. So Jenna & I sat out in the truck while Brian went into purchase the beer because it was still pouring rain outside! As we sat and talked and watched people come and go we saw our dear friend and our Pastor walking into the took less than 2 seconds and both (jenna and I) were like ----- HOLY MOLY, DAD IS BUYING BEEEEERRRRR!!! We were freaking out! LOLOLOL As soon as he got in the car, we were like "OMG, did Charlie (Pastor) see you? Did he see you were buying beer???" Brian said, IDK He was in an opposite part of the store when I saw him as I was walking out." Then he looked at me and said "Honey, why are you so worried? God knows why we are buying this and we know why we are buying it, and that is all that matters! If someone is going to judge us, that is their deal. Besides, I will just tell them I just got out of rehab!" HA, sure thing babe- you do that ;)

Anyway, the cupcakes were YUMMY!!! She made them mini cupcakes and my oh my are they delicious! She & her Daddy had a great time making them together and that makes them that much better!

Well, I also wanted to do a Pinterest Project. Our oldest daughter told me to look on Pinterest for this centerpiece and when I saw it I loved it! So I set about getting the things to make it. Here is the one she suggested. I could not find any JUST ORANGE jelly beans so I chose Reese's pieces. I also didn't have a square vase like this one, but now that I've done it, I wish I would have gotten one. It would have made things soooo much easier! I got a variety of peeps and my flowers were definitely not the same. So I guess you could say I created my own version :)

My girls Krista and Jenna ended up putting this together. Let me just say this.... PEEPS are sooo not easy to work with! They are pain in my patootie! Plus they are sticky and when you pull them apart they lose their color in spots.
It was quite the task but they conquered it and had fun while they did it! I haven't had the heart to tell them I totally ruined it the following day when I went to put more water into the tiny cup holding the flowers. I spilled water into the vase instead of into the cup. Within minutes all the reeses pieces were losing their color, the peeps were even more droopy than before! I was crushed. But had no choice but to take it apart and just ended up putting only the flowers back in the vase. The peeps had turned to mush, and there was noooo way to salvage the reeses. ***SIGH***

Oh well, we will have fond memories of the Peepin Pinterest project gone k-Put! :)

Have you done any projects from Pinterest and have them not workout?? What about cooking a recipe from there? Was it good or just plain awful???

Monday, March 26, 2012

Flooding, Tornadoes, and Pinterest... OH MY

Spring Break 2012 hasn't just come and gone~ it FLEW BY! My husband surprised me and had taken the week off as well! We were all so excited! Jenna was home from college and our first weekend was absolutely Gorgeous! We had Sunshine and temps in the 80's. It was heavenly! The Spring Break forecast showed it to be raining on Mon-Wed. My oh My, did it ever rain! Our town even made the National news for the amount of rain we had received so far. The rain also brought MUCH cooler temps! Monday through Friday was rainy and cold and then Saturday comes and viola' it was 80 degrees and Sunny! While we would have loved to have a week of Sunshine, honestly, we enjoyed the rain and just chilaxxing :)

We rearranged some of our plans and when the rain appeared to finally be tapering off, we decided to go visit our new outlet mall in OKC. When we got there it was the first time we had seen the sun in 4 days! It was awesome! We shopped for a little over an hour and then all of the sudden we hear thunder and very heavy rain!! Soon after, it had tapered off some, so we went on about our shopping. Going from one store to another I happened to looked up at the sky and would you believe I saw a TORNADO FUNNEL!?!?!? People began gathering as they too saw the funnel. I looked over and saw ANOTHER FUNNEL!! The joke about Okie's is we are the only people who take their video phones or cameras out when we see a tornado funnel! I should have taken a pic of everyone taking pics huh! It was too funny!

These guys never touched down, Praise the Lord! These pics really don't do them justice either!

Can't you just hear the Wizard of OZ music when the Witch is on her bike..... hee hee!

We had asked the kids what they would like to do over the break and Jenna had asked to make some cupcakes with her Dad. She found a couple of recipes on Pinterest and really wanted to try them out. I had also seen something on Pinterest that I was hoping to try~ but that is for another day! :)

Hope you all had a GREAT WEEK!

Monday, March 19, 2012


Just wanted to thank all of you for your prayers! I know April and her family felt them! Her husband was such a special man! Now he is dancing in Eternity! April has asked for our prayers to continue and I told her that we would absolutely cover her and her children and family in prayer! So Thank you again for praying!

It is Spring Break this week so I may not be on as much!

What about you guys? You on Spring Break as well??

Have a Great week!

Love and Hugs to you ALL!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Asking for Prayers

Today will be a very sad day. Today, my husband and I will be driving to Kansas to attend a funeral. My husband is the Regional Manager for Oklahoma and last Saturday he received one of those phone calls that you hope never comes, and when it does, you will never EVER forget it.

His Store Manager called crying hysterically and attempting to form words - words that she could not believe she was having to say - "My husband is gone. He died in his sleep last night." Brian could not believe the words he was hearing. How could this young man (41 years of age) be gone??

He had a heart attack and died in his sleep. Their 12 year old daughter found him when she went in to check and see why he wasn't up yet.

Please pray for this family. I am so thankful they are believers! The Lord knows what each one of them is going through right now and how to perfectly minister to them.

Thank you all for lifting them up. The wife's name is April and their daughter is Lilly. Both of his parents are still alive and no doubt are having a difficult time as well. April just recently lost her Father and Brother as well. She has really been hit with so much! So your prayers would mean sooo very much to her!

Bless you all! May you have a peace filled weekend!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Silent Movie? Really?

I've shared with you all that my Mom retired in February. It has been such a TREAT spending time with her whenever our hearts desire :) Our most recent adventure was soooo cool! My Mom called and asked if I wanted to go see the movie titled, "The Artist?" I was like, "Huh? I haven't even heard of that movie?" Sooo, I looked it up & Here is what I found

Wasn't I surprised to find it was a SILENT MOVIE! Hmmm, will that be good? I've never gone to a silent move but I certainly thought it looked like it would be awesome! On top of it being a silent movie, I also found out it was showing at a cinema that has been around FOR-EVER!!! I HONESTLY had NO IDEA what to expect ... We found a time that would work best for both of us and set our date.

As we walked in, I was just in awe! The history this building held was incredible. On a practical side - OMG it was the CLEANEST movie cinema I have ever seen!!! Mom & I were the only ones there so we had some time to look around and I found out a lot of the cinema had been recently restored. Just some of the restoration we were able to see was the New seats, carpet, and even the BIG screen. Just before the movie begins, an employee comes in and pulls these HUGE velvet curtains just to the edge of the screen, where the movie will be playing. It was so neat!

Two precious older ladies came in and sat down at the first row of seats they reached, just minutes before the movie started. They were so cute :)

Finally, it was time for the movie! Can I just say... HOW AWESOME this Movie is!! I felt like I was transported into the 1920's! The Artist was full of romance, entertainment, and some amazing dancing!!

♥ Thank you Momma ~ for taking us out of our box and on such a neat adventure!! It was such a treat ~ spending time w/YOU is a treat - no matter what we do I just cherish every minute! ♥

Monday, March 12, 2012

Do you BOSU?

I have a question.... Do you BOSU? This thing shown in the picture above is called a BOSU Ball. It is for exercising your core mostly, but will be beneficial in other areas too. My husband has been having some lower back problems and his MRI showed some discs issues. His dr. told him to start strengthening his core. The BOSU Ball is EXCELLENT for doing just that!

I decided to try it this weekend and WOW...It is so hard! Trying to stay balanced is a workout in itself LOL I kind of got the hang of it on a couple of specific exercises and enjoyed it! It is very gentle on your knees, which is nice!
For those who love to run, but it hurts your knees, this is a great alternative. While you can't go running on it, trust me, there are enough exercises you can choose from that will burn some serious calories just like running does!

If you want some cheap entertainment, this is sure to give you some laughs! Watching me, especially, trying to just get my balance is hilarious! I have some serious balance issues I guess! But they tell you to keep your eyes focused on one target but if they know personality types - they should know that a Sanguine JUST MIGHT NOT be able to accomplish this ;) but if we put our minds to it, it might possibly, just maybe, a tad better!HA HA :)

I Hope everyone had a great weekend :) I am excited to share some pictures from over the weekend with you guys!
Happy Monday my sweet friends!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

How very Egg-citing!

My Stepdad is a Builder/Real Estate Agent. He builds some of the most beautiful houses I have ever seen. One day last week, one of his contractors was talking to him and said he needed to go home but before he left, he asked my Stepdad if he wanted any farm fresh eggs. My Stepdad said YES! Well, little did he know he would be bringing about 50+ eggs to him. Sooo, my Mom asked me if I wanted some, to which I replied...YES!!!

I brought the eggs home and sat them on the counter is a basket. My husband asked me continually if we needed to put them in the fridge. I didn't think so but wanted to make sure so I called my mom. She had wondered the very thing so she pulled up the internet and read up on it! She said we were fine to leave them out on the counter. So we did.

Then when I shared what Mom had told me, my husband got on the Internet and read up on Farm Fresh eggs. We had so much fun learning about these eggs. If you fill a bowl up with water and then drop the egg gently, it will either sink to the bottom and then turn on its side which means it is a fresh egg. If the egg floats it is a rotten egg.

Then we compared the egg yolk color as well as the egg white with a "Brand name egg". All I can say is WOW! The egg yolk from the farm fresh egg was absolutely beautiful- a rich golden yellow and the egg white was really clear compared to the slightly cloudy egg white of the store bought egg. This is caused by what type of diet they are on.

Next came cooking and tasting! Yummy. The taste was even better than I thought it could be! I even made a batch of chocolate chip cookies and they are seriously the BEST cookies I have ever made!!

So to sum this up....I will be buying farm fresh egs from now on! If I can find him! :)

What about you? Which eggs do you prefer?? Did you enjoy your Egg Lesson today ;)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Would You Rather?

My Son is, and always has been, a young man who LOVES to learn! Whether it is learning in school all day or learning about people and what their interests are, he loves it! He is a lot like me, in that, he rarely meets a stranger :)
I just love to watch and observe how he relates to people as he listens intently to them. Even if he is just with us, or other close family members, he will ask various questions, and honestly, loves to hear your reply.

Some of his questions might ask:

What was your high today? AND/OR What was your low today?


You just might hear the words:

"Would You Rather?" followed by 2 scenarios that in all honesty, I would rather NOT do either one LOLOL ;)


There are those times when he will ask:

All about my past, or how it was when I met and started dating his Daddy!

I know my time with him is going by far too quickly. In less than 6 months he will get his permit and start driving. Right now, he is definitely a homebody, but I know there is always that possibility this could change. Well, I thought it would be fun to turn the questions back to him! I decided just to check and see what kind of questions there were on the "Would You Rather" subject. These questions have to be the ones his sisters and myself, enjoy the least. Don't worry, we haven't ever said anything like "Oh my gosh, Stop asking these questions?" Nooo! We are ALWAYS very willing to give him an answer ... NOT! :)

Anyway, Here are some funny ones I found:

Would you rather eat a stick of butter or snort a tablespoon of salt?

Would you rather have your flight delayed by 8 hours or lose your luggage?

Would you rather lick someone else's armpit or have someone else lick your armpit?

Would you rather drink a cup of spoiled milk or pee your pants in public?

Would you rather go to jail for a year or live in your car for a year?

They make for great conversation don't they ??? :) It's was great to hear what he had to say! Now then, You guys tell me what your answers would be ok?? One, two, Ready....GO!!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Those Proud Moments and Those, well....maybe not so proud ;)

My Mom and I drove up to Stillwater on Friday to see Jen and spend the day with her. We went out to lunch and walked around downtown and shopped in some really cute stores. We found a cute little bakery with the most UH MA ZING
Cupcakes! We sat down on these little barstools in front of the BIG WINDOW that looked out onto the downtown streets. We just talked, laughed, and people watched, while we enjoyed our treats! It was a special moment shared by three generations. I treasure these days the Lord has given us more than words can say! We are all so proud of Jenna and what an amazing job she has done and continues to do each day!

Saturday we had our grand babies come to stay the night. Our little Diva, Rylee, was her usual self, full of spit & vinegar! Cracking us up and just leaving us asking "Where does she get this stuff?" Bentley is such a mess and a VERY VERY STRONG WILLED little boy! He also had us in stitches with his silly faces. I tried so hard to get a picture of just one of those looks he gives but every single time my camera was about to snap the picture the flash would blink and he would go from silly to absolute confusion on his face.... LOL So, if you want to see that ~ I've got plenty of confused looks! HAHA

One of my favorite things to watch is how much fun these two have together. How they make each other laugh and how so very sweet Rylee is towards her baby brother. I have always heard that having children 2 yrs. apart is the PERFECT age. Spending time with my grand babies definitely confirms that for me. It makes me so proud seeing our daughter do such an amazing job as a mother and how they love and care for one another in their family.

So, you may be wondering what might be the "Not so proud" moment.... Oh gosh, It really isn't fair to label it "not proud" but maybe something like "Totally embarrassing" or how about "Kids say the darndest things" because after you hear this, saying "Kids will just tell it like it is" isn't what any of us want to hear.

Ok, so first just imagine when your kids were little and potty trained. Little girls have those oh so cute and extremely TINY little panties with Disney characters, or Barney, maybe Blues clues - gosh, I am showing my age here ;)
Let me just point out once more how TINY those cute little panties are ok! Well so, Ry and I are getting dressed for the day and the past few times she's come, she has gotten to choose what I wear. So I handed her her TINY little undies and she asked what mine had on them (LOL and NO I don't wear Disney undies or anything close to it) I explained NoNi didn't have stuff "On mine" but she could certainly choose the color of undies I would wear. So as I begin showing her some of my options, her eyes get real big and she says "Wow NoNi ~ Those are BIG" hahahahahahaha Isn't she just PRECIOUS.... Yes, sweetheart when you compare them to your Princess Panties they are definitely much bigger! Oh ya, and Thanks - I just might need to add on a third workout to go with the two I do each day! Ha :) just kidding
I haven't let it bother me much (Only locked myself in the bathroom and cried for an hour) the words just keep going over and over in my mind (WOW those are BIG) (BIG) Really? Couldn't she have said WOW, those are PRETTY or Wow, those are soft...Did she have to say B-I-G???

Really, I took it all in stride and laughed it off like any good NoNi would do! Right? Right!
Lord knows, it won't be the last time a grandchild of mine says something like that! The great thing is.... You can just look them in the eye, pick them up and squeeze them with all the love you have in you, knowing what a blessed gift it is you've been given!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Can Someone Help Me? I thought it was winter time???

Our Flowers are blooming, lawn mowers are going?? Is this really Winter time??

Has your weather been as crazy as ours?? I am certainly NOT complaining though!! Not at all! We have had such beautiful and warm sunshiny days! On Tuesday my husband had to actually MOW! In February!! Now that is just crazy isn't it!
Yesterday I went out to check on all the bulbs I planted last fall. I had on a sleeveless shirt and capri's and was sweating ~ It was in the upper 7o's! Did I mention this was February?? Now it's March and today we will be in the 50's.
But not for long we will be moving back up in the 60's and 70's by Monday!!

I LOVE being able to work out in our yard so this truly is Heavenly! I am so glad that while the weather turned back to the 50's my Mom and I will be going to spend the day with Jenna @OSU! She is doing just awesome! Her GPA for the 1st semester was Excellent! We are all so very proud of her! She is meeting some new friends and even talking about going to study abroad someday! Isn't it just amazing all of the opportunities the Lord allows!

We will have our grand babies this weekend! ♥ I can hardly wait ♥

What will you be doing this weekend? Whatever it is I pray it is blessed!
Love to you all!!!