Wednesday, August 26, 2009

pondering thoughts

In todays society or what the Christian circles call us.....the Western world who doesn't see or experience Gods Miracles in a powerful way like those in foreign countries ... I just want to thank the Lord for the Miracle that HE has given us in my Dad still being here. To me ~ clearly ~ to have doctors at the Mayo Clinic scratching their heads and saying "you are lucky to be alive and we aren't sure how that is in your condition" is nothing short of the LORD ALMIGHTY performing a miracle!

I wanted to share how the procedure went and have been waiting for some answers as well but as you know sometimes in situations such as these we don't always get the answers right away.

Yesterday the procedure went well. Dad was even asking for food afterward so that is a great sign. I spoke to him last night and other than sounding exhausted his spirits were good and he was greatly encouraged. He did share with me that this procedure while one doctor has such positive things to say there are still others that shared we are still in serious condition and there is no guarantee. So I just have to pray and ask for these remaining clots to dissolve and call upon the name of the Lord for that peace that passes all understanding and to REST and KNOW, that HE is in control (no matter the outcome!) Not being there to ask the questions or to truly grasp the way the doctors are collaborating in regards to my dad and his situation is frustrating to me. I have read alot about pulmonary embolism and also heard the comments from my dear friend Rosel and have taken these things to the Lord. My husband and I are seeking HIS will and HIS wisdom in our decisions.

In asking my stepmom about returning she doesn't feel it necessary at this time while dad is still in the hospital but does feel it would be a good idea upon his release so that he won't be at home alone if she has to go to work or just tend to the everyday things of life. My husband has alot of traveling to do this month so I need to be here and also have the scheduled surgery on my shoulder but these things are secondary when it comes to my dad and I will quickly and without question reschedule that if necessary. I guess, all in all, I just want to be honest with myself about Dads situation and yet not react out of fear but do what is right for everyone! I just smile knowing the Lord knows my heart and if I could only hear him say audibly what HE wants me to do. I am so thankful that I have such a supportive husband and praying friends that will stand in the gap for my dad and our family in this time of waiting and for the gift of Faith. It is in times such as these that we see the fruit of that gift come into play. It is in these times that the Lord takes us deeper into HIM, our trust and assurance no matter what life brings us can be in people or in can be in the Lord.....I choose to place my trust in the Lord and know that this road will lead me closer to HIM the author and finisher of my Faith.