Friday, October 2, 2009

Book Review

Have you ever read the last page of your book and wished there were more pages to be turned? Me too! That's how I was with "Voices of the Faithful Vol 2."

This 366 daily devotional shares about more than over 300 Missionaries who serve all around the world and the people to whom they are allowed the privelege of serving. Some share the joys of watching people come to know and accept Christ after generations before them have planted seeds or served, but now these are the ones to lead them in that prayer that all believers long to do with Gods children/people. The Salvation Prayer. You will find heartbreak as well, reading how many serve day in and day out, and yet these people turn back to the ways of their country or nations governmental rules because of fear. One of my favorite months of devotionals was on "divine appointments" knowing that God places you right where He wants you to be and allows you to accomplish His specific will for that specific moment IF we will listen and obey to what He is asking us to do and not allow any obstacles to keep us from fulfilling that Divine task.

Anyone looking for a devotional this is a must. Anyone who has a heart for Missionaries this book is an absolute must. Anyone who needs a spark to encourage or challenge you in your walk, add this to your collection! Anyone think you aren't good enough to do those things God is asking you then read this book. You will find everyday people who struggle with their own flesh, fear, pride, etc just like you and me yet they surrender and find that serving doesn't have any qualifications other than a willing and humble heart. God did amazing work through 12 other men who weren't qualified in their minds either but we all know what HE did through them don't we!

There is one thing I would like to share. Beth Moore doesn't play the role in this 2nd volume that she did in the first. Kim Davis has taken her place and does a fantastic job. She was in the first volume as well but it is in this volume that we get to see more of Kim.

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