Tuesday, November 8, 2011

On my Heart ~ Tuesdays

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I have just been sooo very thankful for "NORMAL" days... You know, the days that you wake up and go about your day, with nothing "new" or "different" than the ones prior to today. Those days that you ask your neighbor "How are you doing?" and they reply, "doing good, you know just the same ol ~ same ol'"

I have just been on my face thankful to the Lord for these "normal" days. I've shared with you all that I began working out in August. There are a great group of women that work out at the same time as I do. Two of these women have recently been widowed. Thing is, they are both younger than me. Their children are way younger than mine. Neither of their spouses had cancer or a long illness. No, these women woke up one morning went about their "Normal day" until they received a life-changing phone call. One that notified them, their husband and children's father had died.

There is also a friend of mine from jr. high who also became widowed recently. Her husband woke up as he always had and left for work on his motorcycle like he always did on any normal day. On this particular day, He was struck by a truck going the wrong way on the highway and was killed instantly.

For these women, this day and the days after were nothing NORMAL.

My Son has a friend who has recently been diagnosed with cancer. It always breaks my heart when kids are diagnosed with cancer. Our community is surrounding his family, raising funds for him and his family. I can only imagine how his Mother LONGS for those Normal days prior to his diagnosis.

I honestly could go on and on. I am certain as you are reading this, you could share similar stories as well. Sharing this wasn't intended to be depressing. It was simply to take time and thank the Lord for our Normal Days!

humbly and thankfully HIS,