Monday, March 22, 2010

The Love of a Grandchild and prayer for a friend

My dear friend and sweet sister in Christ Kat from Heart2Heart will be having surgery this Thursday for a hysterectomy. If you know her you know she has battled severe pain for the last 5 months and to be honest longer but finally has found the right Dr. and knows it is the right time for her to have this surgery. Please join me in praying for her this week. She is a wonderful woman of God and I have been so blessed by her friendship. She was there for me in such loving ways while I was going through losing my Dad and we have grown so close. We have cried together, prayed together and are so thankful the Lord brought us together in friendship! I will be so happy when she is feeling pain free and able to live life as the Lord intended for her to! Please take this button and post it to your blog if you would be so kind

Also my friend Lori at Girly Muse is feeling under the weather and it has just continued to attack her and her kiddos and I am asking the Lord for this to be the end! NO MORE SICKNESS! NO MORE COLDS, COUGHS, AND YUCKY SNIFFLES :) Be well my friend be well!

Today I am NONI ♥ Yep! As of today I will be able to have my Rylee girl with me on Tuesdays. Our daughter made the decision to go back to work doing hair! I get to have Rylee on Tuesdays and her other Nana will have her on Fridays :) It will be such a wonderful treat each week to spend the day and even the night before with our precious girl. She brings such joy and laughter into our home and being gone last week we missed her sooo much! I never knew how precious it would be and yes I know what people say It is the best thing in the world to be a grandparent! Boy were they right! :) We will have sunny skies and she already enjoyed being outside last night playing with the remaining piles of snow. I can't wait to take her for a walk and maybe even have a matter what it is we do I am so thankful to be blessed by this precious Love....The Love of a Grandchild!

Mommy and Rylee

I treasure you all! Love and Blessings

Who is watching you?

Undercover Boss is a new show on CBS airing on Sunday Evenings. If you haven't watched it ~ I recommend it. It is a show where the CEO of a company goes undercover and works within their companies ~ all facets of the company ~ from packing to customer service, cooking, working assembly lines, waiting tables etc. Depending upon the company and what service they provide.
It has been so interesting to watch these CEO's and how the majority of them say that while they sit behind their desks and work towards growing the company and making it run at the most sufficient way possible that this causes them to "not be around the people that work for them" on a regular basis. In a nutshell they don't see them AT ALL. In the shows you see some of them really connect with their employees on a personal level and get involved in their lives going as far as offering them some sort of bonus at the time of the reveal. Some employees are promoted and some well, they are let go (not on the show but later if their performance doesn't improve) It is a great lesson for all and especially to share with your children. One thing I have tried to teach my children is that although we think we are doing something and may possibly feel as we are getting away with something the LORD alway sees. He knows our thoughts even before we think them so of course HE will see our actions at the time we are doing them.

For Believers Our Boss or CEO is the Lord and HE doesn't stay AWAY from us trying to figure things out to make us better He waits lovingly for us to seek HIM and has all the answers we need. He is watching us even when we sleep. He longs to talk to us and to hear our hearts. On the show during the reveal so many of the employees are just amazed even to the point of tears how they are shocked that their boss would take his/her time out to listen to them, to show them that they care. The Lord does this everyday and for me I am so thankful to know that I don't have to wonder if I am being watched or that someone is going Undercover to make sure I am doing what I am suppose to. Don't get me wrong.....I make mistakes and I definately can improve my daily life....but I have the Ultimate CEO and HE lovingly teaches, guides, directs, and cares for me along with providing for all of my needs.....

I know for sure I will never be fired, never be let go, and will always have a place in HIS Family....isn't that the best boss you could ever ask for!!

Thank you Lord for you are worthy to be praised!

Happy Monday everyone! :)