Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My new BFF's ;0)~

Yes these are my new BFF's ;) Ha! Just kidding :) well...... sort of!! Thought I would share with you all the machines that I have and use at different times of the day and some at all times!!

This little guy is my FAV!! He is called a tens unit! It sends electrodes through my shoulder and supposedly confuses my brain in regards to my shoulder being in pain! I did not have him last surgery and I have to say....HE IS AWESOME I Pretty much wear him 24/7 and the great news is that he is all mine! So we will benefit from him for a very long time! I have read up on these little things and they are great for people who experience chronic pain or any sort of muscular pain like when you sleep wrong or you pull a muscle...just put this thing on and wear it for awhile's great!

This is my ice machine or better known as the cold therapy unit! This helps with my swelling! I sleep in this and wear it most of the day as well! Definitely any time I get out of the chair I immediately put my ice on! They are trying to take this guy away from me and I am praying I can have it for a few more days! We will find out today if it gets to stay if not....hopefully I won't be crying when it walks out the door! (because that is what I did when they called to tell me they were coming to pick it up...sheesh! can you say "GET A GRIP!!) We have contacted our insurance company and will be pleading our case so if you could pray that I can have it a bit longer I would soooo appreciate it! my therapy chair! The CPM machine. It moves my arm at a slow and steady pace. I sit in this for 3 hours a day and it's benefits me greatly! When I go to Physical Therapy here in a couple of weeks this will be my saving grace in helping it not be so painful on that first day! :) p.s. this is NOT me!! FYI

I can't leave my recliner out! Oh rather I should say "my bed!" Yep ~ This is where I will be snoring er I mean sleeping for the next who knows how many weeks, It is far too painful to sleep in a bed so this is like heaven for now :) My kids are enjoying stealing my place for now and while they were on Fall break I was wondering if Dad would have a spot LOL

I am sooo very thankful for each one of these....Hope you all have a Fabulous Tuesday!!