Saturday, February 19, 2011

Spiritual Sundays

Each and Every Sunday you will find either Charlotte or Ginger hosting Spiritual Sundays. They are two precious and godly women who share this blog to encourage and share the Lord with all who come to visit. They are mighty prayer warriors as are all who participate each week. If you need prayer please let me know or visit here and know that your prayer need will be shared and many will go into the Throne Room asking Lord to meet your need!

Years ago, my Husband and I were going through a rough patch in our marriage, so we began seeing a Life Coach. We were on year 13 of our marriage. We learned soooo many valuable lessons during that time. It was truly amazing all the Lord allowed us to see and to learn. Going through the pain brought about a depth of love, it was a whole new level, and unless we had gone through this, we never would have imagined it to be possible! Some of the Important things we learned and continue to learn even today was:
The difference of personalities and how to understand one another based on that personality. Knowing what/how each personality works is amazing to me! This not only helps spouses, but having this knowledge allowed us to better parent our kids too. It goes all the way to the workplace too! This information is invaluable for sure!

We also implemented Family Meetings each and every week. We come together with our calendars and share what is going on during that week. We also offer up any prayer needs or things during the week that the kids or one of us need prayer for and this goes into our calendars. Knowing we have one another covered brings such peace. Our kids know Mom and Dad are praying during a test, or if my husband has a issue at work and knows we are all covering him in prayer brings such comfort.

Another of my favorite things we learned was the importance of date night. Both my husband and I come from broken homes. When we married each other almost 21 years ago it was a 2nd marriage for both of us. We were DETERMINED not to go through another Divorce and I am here to tell you. IT.WON'T.HAPPEN!

I would have to say that no matter what..... the bottom line is ... We are a team. We have each others backs. B,ut more than all that we have God leading us and HE is the Captain of our Family Team. He shows my children the Strength that their parents have. The Love and Respect that we have for one another. They also see that we aren't perfect but that we have a Heavenly Father who offers Grace and Mercy and lovingly disciplines those HE loves!

I am so thankful that even though we went through such a difficult time, God was Faithful to bring this godly woman into our lives to coach us in HIS Ways. To surround us with other couples who had gone through tough times as well. God changed their lives, their marriages, and their families.

Whether you are married or not, if you are going through a rough time God wants to help you. To love you and meet you right where you are. HE longs to brings Light into the Darkness of your hearts, minds, and circumstances! If only you will let HIM!
Will you? HE AWAITS!