Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Living Life Together

Do you have a Paul or a Timothy in your life? Ok, what that means is this.....Do you have someone who is mentoring you and someone that you mentor?? We all need to HAVE and/or BE Spiritual Mothers and/or Fathers in our lives! Even our kids can have and/or do this! What an amazing thing for them to experience!!

Because "most" of us don't have trouble asking or finding a Spiritual mother or father, I am going to focus on BEING a Spiritual Mother or Father

This week Pastor Craig shared that when it comes to us being the "Mentor" and sowing into the life of someone else, most of the time, we don't "feel" worthy of this! But guess what! WE ARE! We might think...But I have made sooo many mistakes! or I don't know as much of the Bible as I should! etc. etc. etc.

Here's the thing: Our failures, Our struggles, Our trials & tribulations are EXACTLY what we can minister out of and I know in my situations that is EXACTLY what the Lord has brought into my life as well as my husbands. The Lord has even brought couples into our lives because that is our heart! To work with couples who might be struggling in their marriages, WHY?? Because that is what we have walked through and HE has completely restored us and done some amazing work in each of us and our marriage! Just a couple of weeks ago I met a woman and we ended up having lunch together. We did not know each other @ all and within that one hour she shared her life and that led into her marriage and it happened to be just the very thing I had walked through! She told me "I cannot believe I am telling you these things, I don't even know you!" I just smiled knowing the Lord had put her in my path and that HE will use me if I am willing to listen and share what HE did in my life! We are HIS vessels and HE will use us if we will let HIM! Just tell your story. Live your life with others. The Lord will do the rest :)

I don't know about you but I don't want to be a Joshua! (in that, I mean) HE did not teach the younger Generation of the things of God or the things God had done or of HIS Power! Judges 2:10 I don't want my children or others to NOT know what God has done in my life because it is only through HIM that I have the marriage, the children, the heart, everything that I have is because of Christ and through HIS mighty power I have been changed and continue changing from glory to glory!