Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Getting out of my box

I really dislike "new years resolutions" so I don't make them. My way of thinking tends to be "why make a resolution only one time a year because the Lord may wish for me to change in ways too many to count and certainly more than one time during the year!"

What I feel HE is saying to me for this season is this ~ Get out of your box Loren ....I see this in my reading, I feel this in my ministry, in our own walk with HIM as well. I feel HIM stretching me and my family and I am excited to see what this looks like!
I am seeking HIM diligently and I know HE will show me the way

What about you? Are you seeking HIM, are you taking quiet time to Listen to what HE is saying? HE longs to speak, to share HIS will for you ~ You are HIS Beloved

I am reading quite a few new books for review and LOVE when the Lord brings things into your life that all have the same theme! I haven't finished them but I can tell you I will be HIGHLY recommending them once I am done!

Francis Chan ~ "Forgotten God ~ Reversing our Tragic Neglect of the Holy Spirit"
Tass Saada w/Dean Merrill ~ "Once an Arafat Man ~ The True Story of how a PLO Sniper found a New Life"

and on a lighter note

Peggy Yarber ~ The Judas Ride

I pray everyone has a safe New Years Eve and enjoys their families. We will be having a quiet night at H♥ME with our kids and some of their friends and our Precious Grandbaby will be spending the night with us WAHOO!! This is a change as we usually spend the evening with our group of friends playing games or in the most recent years we have gone to a church and spent the evening on our faces before the Lord in Praise and Worship and just in prayer and hearing what the Lord is saying to us and for the coming year. We plan on doing this here at home this year and I am excited to bring in this new Year here in the Peace of our own H♥ME with the LORD leading us every step of the way!

Love and Blessings to you all