Wednesday, October 6, 2010


My friend Angel hosts this meme and I am going to ask you guys to pray for her or to go visit her and let her know you are thinking of you her! She lost her Aunt yesterday and while she knows WHERE her Aunt is and WHO she is with, it is still very difficult! Please whisper a prayer for her and her family and her Aunts immediate family too ok!
Thank you all sooo much! Even in our loss we can count it all JOY because we know her Aunt is with the LORD! Praise HIM!

God has given us such a gift even in our pain we can rest knowing we will be with HIM someday and with our loved ones as well!! Thank you Lord!

I count it all JOY that I was whisked away by my mom on Monday for an "adventure!" My mom and I usually spend Fridays together but this past week she had been out of town so when she returned she asked if I would go to lunch with her. Then she shared she wanted a bit of a different scenery :) So we drove about 45 minutes away and spent the afternoon in a quaint little town having lunch and shopping in one of the most AWESOME little stores! I didn't even have to rush back because my Dear and OH SO WONDERFUL Husband picked up my son so that I could enjoy the day with my MOM!! JOY JOY JOY :) Thank you Lord for such an adventurous and fun mom and a sweet and wonderful husband!!

I count it all JOY that I was able to go and help my daughter at the doctor with our precious Rylee. Bless her heart she is cutting like 8 teeth all at once but has also been running a very HIGH fever! She spent the night with us as usual but we knew things just weren't right so the appt. was made and while many tears were shed during her evaluation the dr. told us he was going to have to catherterize her bc he felt she had a UTI. He explained he HATED to do these bc they are so uncomfortable but it was the only way to tell! Bless her heart and bless mommas heart! It was awful!!!! In the end, tears were wiped away, suckers were handed out, and hugs were given! Along with an antibiotic to clear this up and make her feel better! Poor baby! I count it JOY that I was there and able to help!

I count it all JOY that my friends will be treating me to lunch or coffee over the next few days or so, for my birthday, and that will surely make the time before my surgery not be spent "thinking" about it as much! Thank you Lord for the gift of Family and Friends who shower YOUR Love on me and bless me soooo!

What about you? What brings you JOY today? Hop on over to Angels and share and THANKYOU for praying for her FamilY!!

For you will not leave my soul among the dead
or allow your holy one[b] to rot in the grave.
11 You will show me the way of life,
granting me the joy of your presence
and the pleasures of living with you forever.
Psalm 16:10-11


Girly Muse

Aw, poor Rylee! Feel so bad for her going through that. Will be thinking and praying that she feels better right away.

Would love to be taking you to lunch for your birthday! Enjoy your days and know you are so loved.


Beautiful blessings you have shared! Happy birthday and be spoiled rotten!


Oh....poor Rylee. I've had UTI and so has Faith and they are HORRIBLE! Poor baby girl! Hope she's feeling better. So good that you could be there for her and your daughter to help them through it.
Enjoy all your birthday lunches. Wish I could take you out for one. Will just have to send you happy wishes instead!
Peace and blessings to your day!


First of all....I'm so very sorry Rylee had such a bad time, but am very thankful she got to the Dr. & he determined what she needed!

Secondly, I am filled with joy that I have been blessed with a adventurous daughter who so willingly shares in discovering and enjoying the small pleasures of life. I only wish you would have included the pic of you wearing those cute new glasses that brought big grins to our faces!!! I love you 'punkin!!! XXOO Mom

Nana's Nuggets

Ok, Loren, You just keep blessing me so with encouragement! I will be praying for Angel and family in just a moment! My post today was on "He is already There", and I know from reading your post God is There with you and all the situations where you are at! I claim it Now!! Sick Grandbaby, precious time with Mom, (oh, how I miss mine),upcoming surgery, and 9please let us know birthday date). So just be assured that "God is already there", where ever your journey takes you! Love and Blessings for today:)


I hopped over to Angel's to say a prayer.

Poor Rylee. So thankful you were able to help out.

Thankful for your sweet friends.

Thankful for YOU! Have a great day!


Praying His joy to continue to flood in your heart sister. I pray your precious Rylee is healed now. God bless and praying for the Lord's comfort over sister Angel and her aunt's family.


Praying for Angel today and also you, dear friend, for that upcoming surgery. Good idea to get all those birthday lunches in early!

Pain to Purpose

8 teeth at once? Ouch!! My daughter gets a fever and cranky with each tooth and that alone is painful to watch. Glad you were able to be there for comfort and support. I am counting Susanna all joy today because she's turned 2 today! What a blessing!


Thanks for sharing your joy, love you.

He & Me + 3

Well good for you getting to spend time with your mother and your grandbaby and your friends. yOu had a blessed week surrounded by those that love you. Did I miss your birtday or is it coming up? Hugs to you and happy birthday


Hi dear friend, Oh what joy to read your post today-you have such a gift of encouragement and I know that the time you spend with others lifts them as well. How awesome to be there for your daughter and Rylie-what a blessing. To spend time with your mom-another blessing; I'd love to spend time with mine but she is much happier with Jesus. Going to visit Angel right now. I love stopping here-you brighten my day.
Please let me know how I can pray for your upcoming surgery-will you be hospitalized?
Hugs and lots of love,

Beth E.

I'm so sorry Rylee has been sick! Praying for her...praying for Angel, too.


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