Thursday, October 28, 2010

When Dad Steps in

You know as a Stay At Home MOM there are certain things I cherish.....afterschool talks, volunteering at their school functions, enjoying their days off especially during spring and Christmas breaks, just being available for them no matter what is going on!
I also love being able to pick up their friends and help out other moms when they need help. So right now while I am not able to drive my Sweet Husband has taken my place. I just smile and wait with anticipation at what Jantzen is going to share each day when they return....You see, my husband can be oh so ornery ESPECIALLY in the mornings when Jantzen isn't quite awake and might would rather drive to school saying NOTHING AT ALL LOL.

Today my son had an orthodontist appointment so my dh had to leave work come to pick up Jantz and take him all the way back into town to his ortho which is actually within a mile of where Brian works. Jantzen was in the chair less than 5 minutes and his new wire was in and tightened and his new appt. made for 2 months down the road and they were back on the road again. Well, I think I have shared with you all our LOVE of coffee in our home. I also think I have shared that my Husband is a complete and total coffee snob! We have this OH SO AWESOME coffee shop that is also close to his work that we buy our coffee beans from each and every week. It is called DOUBLESHOT. It is sooo cool! I love to go and just chill, have a cup of coffee and listen to them talk coffee! They are VERY SERIOUS about their coffee! They give me such a HARD TIME for drinking cream in my coffee saying it ruins the coffee LOL I don't mind at all

So today after the orthodontist appointment my husband decided to treat Jantzen to his first trip to Doubleshot. Yes, He drinks coffee too! (His nickname at his school last yr. was BARISTA BOY bc he made all the science teachers coffee each and every morning since he was an aid for one of them) Father and Son spending the afternoon having a cup of coffee, learning where all the beans were coming from and seeing the HUGE Roaster and Grinder they use. I wish I had a picture of their faces as they walked in the house. I am soo blessed to have such a wonderful husband and know that when he steps in at times like these He enjoys it as much as I do and well, so do the kids! Even if they think their morning routine is a bit annoying! Memories and Days like these are gifts to each one of us in different ways!

As I type this I am listening to the blow dryer going .... Dad is in their blow drying Jantzens hair to feather back since it's 80's day! I love that man of mine! He is such an amazing Father and I am so thankful that when I am down I can relax because Dad can step in !! Thank you Honey for all you do!! I love you soo very very much!! XOXOXOXOXO

Didn't He do good!!


The Real Me!

I loved this my friend. I love that my husband gets involved with our kids because the kids love it. I mean Mom's are here all the time but it's that extra special time with Dad that means so much some times.
Loved the 80's hair picture.
Love you sweet sister.


Oh Loren, Somehow I missed that you were having surgery and going through such a time with the recovery process.
I enjoyed the story about your son and husband.

Girly Muse

Aw, I love that! Definitely precious times for the kids AND their daddy. I love it when daddies just know what to do and how to care for their kids and don't consider it "babysitting." (pet peeve #41)

The hair is AWESOME! ;D


He did indeed! What a handsome boy...and such a sweetie too. I know just how you feel Loren as I too was blessed with just such a man. I was a stay at home mom too and ANYTIME I really needed that extra hand or help in any way, there he was willing to do it. How grateful I was. And not much has more kids at home, but his grandkids are seeing it now...but your post made me remember to be grateful for this and I think I am going to think of someway to show it today. Praying for your recovery, Debbie

Cherie Hill

Wow sister . . .you are so blessed! Cherish the gifts God has given you . . . isn't He just awesome!?! ;)
Love, hugs, and prayers,


Because I know what the inside of Doubleshot looks like, & because I know what HUGE fans of coffee are both your men, I can only imagine the THRILL it gave them to share this moment in time!!! Yea Brian for giving Jantz this opportunity - they truly are 2 peas in a pod!! Love, Mom XXOO

Nana's Nuggets

Hi! Loren, such a sweet post! and that hubby of yours sounds like he is a wonderful Blessing! And girl, that cream in our coffee just gives us more POWER!! don't you think? Ha-Ha!! I am a heavy creamer myself! Gotta Love It!! Have a Happy:) Thursday!! and Blessings on your Healing!


What a great hubby! And he did totally awesome on the 80's do!!


Your husband sounds like a great guy! And that hair...very feathered...very 80s...great job!!!!
Hope you're feeling better every day and that you'll soon be back into your routine of ortho appointments, volunteering, hair feathering and coffee "snobbery."
Peace and blessings to your day!


I understand about Doubleshots.... I love Tripleshots. My nephews grew up drinking coffee but my daughters never wanted any. lol Now they drink it, with all the goodies added in.

Your son is a sweetheart. His photo reminds me of my husband when he was in High School. He wore his hair just like that, and my, oh my was he handsome. Of course, I didn't know him until later...

Thank you visiting my blog. I appreciate your comments. God bless you!



So enjoyed this post, and I hope you are doing better each day....:-) Hugs


It sounds as if you do in fact have a wonderful husband. It's nice to learn that every once in a while we men can do things right.

Beth E.

Brian sounds like a wonderful hubby and dad! I really enjoyed reading about his time with Jantzen...expecially the part about the coffee! A special time for bonding.

Don't worry about the cream, girl. I put a little splash of milk in my coffee! lol

Hope your shoulder is continuing to improve and heal quickly. Gentle hugs being sent your way!


Loren where have I been, I am so sorry you are having this problem, but after reading your previous posts and this one you are in perfect hands. I will be praying for a speedy recovery, and i am so sorry I didn't know.
Your dh sonds like mine, and i think maybe you and I better keep them, lol.
Your dh did a wonderful job with the hair. lol Many blessings to you,
Hugs, Sue

Kathy C.

Oh Loren...I've missed you...I've been an absent blogger lately. :)
I will be praying for you to be well soon. BTW, your hubby did a great job recreating the 80's look! And, your young man is a good lookin' boy! :)

Bless you sweet friend!
Kathy C.


Such a sweet post.


Ya gotta love a man who can car pool, talk coffee beans and operate a blow dryer! I like fat free half & half in my coffee. Hubby always asks me, "Would you like a little coffee with your cream?" Ha!


Loren, loved reading about this special time between Dad and son. Your husband is a good man indeed. I have one of those precious gifts from GOD as well.

Your son is handsome! Your husband did a good job on the hair!

Keep getting better Sis. Praying for you!!!

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