Friday, October 29, 2010

College Interview ~ TGIF

This week at school has been Red Ribbon Week and so each day the kids dress up according to the various themed days.....

Thursday @ the High School was Miss Match day. My daughter dressed up in

2 different colored boots
2 different colored pair of tights
A black skirt
and an OSU shirt (which stands for Oklahoma State University)

During her 2nd hour she received a note asking her to come to the counselors office. She immediately knew what she was being summoned for....A college interview! Which college? It was for Tulsa University NOT
Oklahoma State University

So not only was she mismatched in every way imaginable she had on a different college's shirt! So what do you think the first question she got asked was?????

So, what other colleges are you looking at???

She wanted to crawl in a whole LOLOL but Oh well, she rolled with it cause that is just how my girl is! I love her ♥ yes I do

Happy Friday to you all! Go visit Kim for more laughs on this Fall Friday :)


The Real Me!

Oh my goodness. I don't think that could happen again in a million years. LOL! Bad timing or divine providence? LOL!

Have a FABULOUS Friday my sweet friend.


Oh how funny! Good for her!


Awesome, lol


Oh dear! That's funny! Good thing she has learned to go with the flow!
How are ya feeling, by the way? Hope your better with each passing day!
Peace and blessings to your day!
...didn't know you were a hair person...wish you could do mine! I need suggestions!


HAHA Now doesn't that just figure? I think she did the best thing...just roll with it. Have a wonderful week-end Loren. HUGS

Country Wings in Phoenix

Good Morning Loren Sweetie...
What a precious share, and I can just see poor sweet Daughter in her OSU shirt being interviewed by Tulsa University. How cute is that?

Now what I want to know is, has she considered OU? I am a BIG Sooner fan, Go Sooners. When we lived in Oklahoma Daddy and I were the Sooner fans, and My Sis and her family were the Cowboy fans. We always sat on opposite sides of the room, the day of the rivalry and we even had a plague going from house to house each year, depending on who won the game. What fun times those were. Now that I live in Phoenix, Daddy sends me my newest OU shirt each year for the holidays, so I always have my BIG red shirt to wear. Love those Sooners, but would be thrilled for your Sweet Daughter if she gets into Cowboy country as well.

I pray you are feeling better and coming along just fine. I keep you in my prayers sweetie. Please know that you are SO loved. Keep me posted. Take care and I am sending some mighty BIG hugs your way. Much love, Sherry


That is too funny! ....well, maybe not for her...

Thanks for sharing!


I truly believe when they see Jenna's true personality they will all want her!!

Love you

Warren Baldwin

Pretty funny!

I know what LOL is, but what is LOLOL?



Hopefully Tulsa is looking for creative, imaginative students who can think outside the box. Thanks for the Friday smiles.


The perfect example of Murphy's Law ... bless her heart. I'm sure she carried it off perfectly anyway. Grace under fire. =)


What a fun memory she made....:-) Hugs

Jennifer @ Studio JRU

Oh what timing!! LOL Dressing in different themes sure sounds like a fun week of school! :)

♥ Jennifer

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