Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Bridegroom

My post today is taken from "Living and Praying in Jesus Name" by Dick Eastman & Jack Hayford

In considering Christ as the Bridegroom we especially should remember that this title is used when referring to HIS return for HIS bride. As we pray in Jesus' name, our Bridegroom , time should be set aside just to love Him. Petitions sometimes clutter prayer. Requests are fine, but they can wait until after worship. There'll be plenty of time for petitioning and interceding later. For now we'll just reach out and hold the hands of Jesus. Like the bride on her wedding night who longs only to be held by her bridegroom and lover, so we may desire only to be held tightly in the arms of Christ. Worship HIM. Exalt HIM. Yearn for HIM. Hunger after Christ alone.

Give me, good Lord, a longing to be
With You, not to avoid the calamities
Of this world, nor so much to attain
The joys of heaven, as simply for love of YOU.
And give me, good Lord, YOUR Love and
Favor, which my love of YOU, however
Great it might be, could not deserve
Were it not for Your great goodness
These things, good Lord, that I pray for,
Give me You grace to labor for.

May you all experience the Lord in a Powerful way this weekend! I love you all! To join in and read other Spiritual Sunday posts ~ go here



your faith always shines so loud. Great post. Have a great weekend. Hope it's the best...

Country Wings in Phoenix

Good Morning Sweet Loren...
A beautiful share as always. I love the poem and the comparison of the bride and the bridegroom. You have such a beautiful way with words. Just beautiful.

I pray you are staying well. I hear there is a birthday near. In case I have missed it, Happy Belated Birthday, in case I am early, Happy Early Birthday.

I will be thinking of you sweet friend. I have been sending up prayers for your surgery, it will all go well and that they pain will be covered with love from above. Please know that you are special and I adore blogging with you sweetie. You are the best. I always leave here with a "Happy" heart.

Many hugs and SO much love, Sherry

Beautiful pear tree lane

AWESOME!! Loren,
I am always blessed by jack Hayford. I have been so guilty of making my petitions priority instead of worshiping Him. Thank you for sharing this reminder today.


Dear Loren, thank you for this post... it so inspires me, i agree.. our requests can certainly wait until after worship!!

Have a blessed weekend!!



I'm so ready to see my Bridegroom!

Have a blessed weekend, Loren.



This is such a beautiful image to remind us all of the way Jesus loves us just like a Bridegroom does for his bride. Thanks for the reminder of where to keep my focus and thoughts today. Praying for you that all goes well with your surgery and you heal up perfectly.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat


Thank you for another inspiring post Loren. Sending a hug your way for a great weekend.

Audrey Charles

Thank you for sharing those powerful words of inspiration! How I long to see my Bridegroom face to face!


Such lovely words. Sometimes it's hard to focus in prayer on what we're actually doing which is visiting the Lord. If I was visiting a neighbor I would wait til they're finished speaking before I would have my say but with prayer I have to stop and listen. I'm trying........

He & Me + 3

Awesome. I have been trying to teach that concept to my kids. Don't always pray to ask God for things but to just praise and thank Him for who He is!


Love the prayer. This must be a great book. We have a great God and we need to act like it and treat Him with profound respect and love. Thanks for posting this. Have a great week.


Good thoughts and wonderful prayer. Thank you for an inspiring post.

Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage

Loren, your prayer is so beautiful, just like your heart.
God Bless,


Thanks for sharing such a beautiful post sis, love you.


What a beautiful message to just celebrate Him and not always be asking for help. Thanks for the reminder!!!

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