Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cant say this everyday!

Here in OKLAHOMA ~ we had an EARTHQUAKE!

While most everyone was attached the their TV w/loads of tissue watching the amazing rescues of the Chilean Miners yesterday morning many people felt a very strong tremor! Some described their glasses or furniture shaking, some thought a car had hit their building or close to it. But no matter where you went yesterday somebody felt 'SOMETHING!"

Quickly news spread on Facebook and through text messages that we had had an EARTHQUAKE! YEP here in OK!! WOW

I was at the Salon getting my hair done and OH MY! You should have heard everyone! It was sooo funny! When my husband came to bed last night he said...."Honey, they are already making t-shirts that say I survived the OKLAHOMA OCT 2010 Earthquake!!" Aren't we all sooo silly LOLOLOL

I am thrilled to say I have heard of nothing but Minor problems

So what's your big news for the day?

I will be away for a few days since I will be in surgery early tomorrow.....Please whisper a prayer!! Thank you all so much! I love you all


Cherie Hill

That's SO crazy . . . having lived in Norman for 12 years, I just can't imagine it! We've experienced an earthquake in Seattle and Chicago . . . but not even quite that magnitude! Glad everyone is okay . . . we still have family there. I think it's a good reminder that we're not in control of this earth . . . and at any time, God may choose to shake us up! :)
God bless sister!


I immediately thought about you and had uttered a prayer for you sister as soon as I heard about the earthquake there. Glad everyone's OK! I mean okay! :)

Take care and keeping you in prayers especially for the surgery. May the Lord protect you and grant you a quick recovery! God bless and love you in Christ.



WOW what an amazing and scary thing to happen, especially for people who aren't used to that happening. It can be frightening to not have control over that too! Praying for you sweet friend that surgery goes through with flying colors and you're recovery is quick and easy.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat


An earthquake in Oklahoma? Oh my ...I think you should get your t-shirts. I have a t-shirt from when I was in the Northridge earthquake in California.

Will be praying for you.

Blessings and love,

Nana's Nuggets

Hi! Loren, so happy all is well with you! and family, I did hear it on our local news. I will remember you tomorrow in prayer for the surgery!OUCH! I can just feel therapy now! Take Care! Blessings to you for a speedy recovery!


So glad your family is safe. I am in much prayer concerning your surgery in the morning, everything is going to be fine sis. I love you.


Praying for your speedy recovery!!!


Well, that's certainly not something I would have expected to happen in OK. Weird! Glad it was minor and that no one suffered anything major.
Was thinking about you today before opening your blog. Hope your surgery goes well and that your recovery is quick and painless as possible.
Peace and blessings to your day.


Lifting prayers to heaven now for a speedy recovery.

Steph T.

Hey girl! I have not been on the blog world much this week!! I am praying for you on Friday! Keep us updated &I know GOd is going to bring quick healing!! LOve you!


Glad all was ok through the earthquake!

Praying for you and your upcoming surgery right now...



I just saw the date on your post so the surgery must have been yesterday (Fri) morning so I'm praying now for your recovery and any and all needs you may have dear one!



Coming by to leave a warm hello and a prayer for your speedy recovery. God bless and protect you. Love you sister!


Just stopping by to see how you are doing. Hope you are healing nicely and painlessly. Keeping you in my prayers!!

Country Wings in Phoenix

Hi Loren Sweetie...
Just popping by to say hi. I know you had your surgery last week, and I just wanted to pop over and let you know that you are in my prayers sweet friend. I am praying for a speedy recovery and pain to subside as soon as possible. I will be looking for an update sweetie. Just know I am right there by your side.

I missed the news about the Earthquake for goodness sake. I am from Enid, and my family still lives there. Nobody said a word about an earthquake. They must have slept through it.

Many hugs and SO much love for you sweetie, Sherry


Hopefully all is well after your "earthquake."

Prayers that your surgery went well and you are feeling better.

The Real Me!

Just wanted to come by and tell you that I've been thinking about you and wanted to give you a virtual hug. I asked Angel to give you a real one when she sees you today.


I am so behind on reading blogs! Hope your surgery went very well and so glad you survived the earthquake!!! =)

He & Me + 3

We had one in mIchigan years & years ago that I actually felt I remember it so clearly. Crazy. Glad everyone is fine.
I miss you and I hope that you are doing well after your surgery.

Nana's Nuggets

Hi! loren, just to say hope all is well with you today, and you're recovering nicely! I really miss you, hope you're back soon, we need you and your happy lift ups!! take care of YOU!
Love and Miss You!! Nana

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