Monday, April 27, 2009

I have found a new blog that I Love, and who knows maybe a new friend as well :)
Her name is SarahMae and on Mondays she always has a post to motivate her readers and encourages us to do the same so here we go. It is Spring time ~ The season of Hope, All things are NEW, flowers blooming, trees budding, and the birds are singing. God gives us seasons in our lives as well. It's a good thing because He knew that we couldn't go on and on doing or feeling the same thing/way all the time.
He gave us variety in many forms and in our lives He gave us seasons....His timing is always right on (ok, maybe for us we might think He could hurry up sometimes but...) for me this season is all about Listening and truly seeing the fabric of His Will woven into my daily life and relationships and amazed and how He puts people together to accomplish that Will. Life is a Dance and sometimes the steps are different as well as the partners. But for me, everyday If I ALLOW HIM to, He will use me to help, love or encourage someone and He will Use that particular person or blog to encourage me IN HIM. I love it! and I LOVE HIM.

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Great post Loren! I love the Lord with all my heart!

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Love your blog, and I'm glad to see a new face join in on the Motivate Me Mondays!

God Bless!

Warren Baldwin

I linked here from Sarah Mae's blog. You have good articles. I appreciated your Self-Entitlement post. I pray the doctor's food and other recommendations continues to work for you!

Sarah's column does have motivation and encouragment. I'm doing a few posts now on "Strengthening the Bonds" I'd like to invite you to read.

God bless.

Sarah Mae

Oh, you write so beautifully and you have such an authentic love for the Lord!

Nice to "meet" you friend! :)

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