Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend


What a busy, fun and really wonderful weekend! I hate it that Brian was not able to be a part of anything this weekend but that in itself is a praise report! His company has finally sold after literally two plus years, so of all weekends for this to happen we never dreamed it would have been Easter weekend. He spent literally everyday at work until 8-9 and this weekend worked until 7pm both days.

Saturday Jantz had a cooking class to attend at Savory Chef in Tulsa. They made steak tips (one of his all time favorite things!) twice baked potatoes, strawberry spinach salad and bonaffie pie...OH MY GOSH! Jantz brought Brian & I a piece of pie and potato. They were AMAZING!! We loved the pie so much that he made it to take to my moms for Easter. Jenna had to work all day on Saturday, so we dropped in to see her and pick up a few things using her employee discount.

Jantz has his own little business going....he started last wanting a video and because it was so close to Christmas, I said put it on your Christmas list. Well, he asked if he could raise the money himself could he buy it before then. "of course you can!" Well within two hours my son had gotten on the phone and taken orders to sell dog treats. He figured out how much he would sell them for and how many orders he would have to have to Pay for the game. It was amazing...He took orders, cooked, cleaned up after and we delivered those dog treats and within two days he had his game. Well now, he continues to get RE-orders! They have been building up and since I was going to be cooking for Easter I thought this might be a good time for him to do his dog treats. He had been making a list and we realized he had $100 worth or 20 orders to fill....ugh this meant 400 yes 400 dog treats to make!! Well, we worked together and had a pretty good system and he got it all done

After this we made his pie from cooking class and then the kids died eggs together! I feel so blessed that at 16 and 12 they still enjoy doing this!

Easter morning Brian had to leave out early for work AGAIN and so I got up and hid the eggs, cooked breakfast and because I ran out of energy the night before I had to make the chocolate sheet cake to take to my moms. It was nice spending time in the quiet and just feeling the Lords presence with me as I was thanking Him for his gift of Salvation, Forgiveness and overcoming death and giving me Eternity with Him! I woke up the kids with a joyful shout....HE IS ALIVE! HE IS ALIVE! COME DOWN AND CELEBRATE HIS RESURRECTION!! They both surprised me and were downstairs rather quickly and we ate breakfast hunted the eggs

Then we were off to my moms for dinner and family time! My mom always makes everything look so beautiful, taste so wonderful and we have sooo much fun with her and papa!

and here is moms table set up for us, I wish I had her gift!!

All in all it was a wonderful weekend! Today being Resurrection Sunday, spending time in prayer together we were just so humbled and words couldn't describe the gratefulness we felt for what Jesus did for Us! For ALL of US!


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