Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Handyman

This past weekend we had our family meeting and was preparing for the week and just planning the menu and felt the Lord prompt me in doing a week of "Crockpot" dinners. Ok~ I thought. This was a new idea and since I had soo much to do around the house it sounded perfect but what I didn't know and the Lord DID has just been such a sweet kiss it seems from Him to me. You see, this week we have been Hit or some would agree ATTACKED by the enemy. Let me explain....

Tuesday afterschool when I picked up Jantzen up from school he said he wasn't feeling well and by the evening he was running a fever. When Jantz is sick he likes me to be right by his side (literally) and usually doesn't sleep real well. So we got up the next morning and stuck some cinnamon rolls into the oven and 20 min. later they were still cold and the oven wasn't working GRRR!!! So as I am going throughout the day and preparing my crockpot dinner It struck me.....The Lord KNEW that we would not have an oven for a few days this week and spoke to me to do crockpot dinners everyday!!! Wow! How exciting it is to know that he cares so much even down to the details of dinners for our week to let me HEAR HIM. We had some really warm days this week and actually had to turn on the air conditioner! But the second night it didn't seem to be cool in the house and no one really slept well because it was so warm so by Friday with Jantzen still sick I really needed to get out of the house and we spent the day with my mom in Tulsa. Went to see "the Soloist" (good movie) and had lunch and when we got home it was 77 degrees inside!! HOly cow! We were going out to spend the evening with our friends the Taulmans :) for the first Friday Fellowship so Brian didn't have time to fix it right away. We had such a wonderful time and met a new family and saw some old friends we hadn't seen in years and my jaws were SORE from laughing sooooo much! It was just AWESOME how the Lord was there and I truly can't wait to see the fruit from these new and growing friendships the He TRULY has blessed Brian and I with. We had intended to leave early so that he could get to fixing the a/c but just had too much fun to leave so when we got home he began to tackle the problem and of course He conquered it and we woke up to a cool home on Sat.

As I sat in my quiet time this morning I was just so humbled at how the Lord blessed me this week and to see how much he cares for us even in the minute details of our lives! I thank God that he has given me a husband who can do soooo many things around the house that literally saved us ALOT of money had we needed to call someone to fix the oven or fix the a/c but also how he has grown spiritually as well. I am a blessed woman and humbled to the core!


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