Friday, April 17, 2009


Life is so funny and God is even funnier! I have been on this quiet journey over this past year....Just digging deep into my walk with the Lord and Him pouring out His love for me and strengthing me in who I am in Him. Lest I say that when you begin a journey with God, they aren't always lonely but in this case....He truly had pulled all the props from my life....

I worked in a salon for 4 years and previous to that I was in my home doing hair for 6 years. I am a sanguine so being around people for me is NECESSARY!! :) So I literally mourned my not working and it hurt so much not talking to my clients...I didn't call them, they didn't call me and both were doing it out of respect for the other not wanting the make each other feel bad...I was home day in day out....but slowly and surely the time that I spent in the Word, and in prayer and in the Presence of my Heavenly Father I found myself strengthened, with a new sense of assurance, I found a new ministry and low and behold I have found new friends. One of which is the reason that I BLOG. Her name is Nicole. It is the weirdest thing...she and I used to be neighbors, our sons were pretty good friends and even spent the night with each other but for whatever reason Nicole and I just didn't connect at that point in our lives. Now our children don't even see each other but through the Lord He has brought us together and she has encouraged, inspired and brought me out of some serious comfort zones OMG!! She has helped me start this blog and I must say I enjoy this so much and has truly made me actually take pictures of my family. I am NOT a scrapbooker, never wanted to be but now hmmmm, the idea is tempting. You see, all of this was due to my continual mindset of "I DO NOT HAVE A CREATIVE BONE IN MY BODY" but bc of this blog and other project I have been inspired to do....I see that guess what???? I AM creative and I really LOVE the challenge and enjoyment I have gotten out of doing these things! So thankyou Nicole so very much for being such an inspiring woman and an amazing friend! For know, my kids may be wanting to get me for some of the pictures but in days ahead....I am pretty sure they will thank me for creating some precious memories whether they be in a book or in my blog. :)



Well, my goodness! You USED me this morning to do this blog! Funny!

You have to know, or at least I hope you do know, how blessed I am by our new and growing friendship! Thursdays have become a favorite day of mine! It is not a coincidence that we didn't become friends all those years ago. God needed us to grow in some pretty specific ways first. But, He has a plan for us now, and I am so grateful!

You are an inspiration to my life! I thank God for Him choosing to bring you into it!

Love you so much!


Lucy Marie
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