Friday, March 2, 2012

Can Someone Help Me? I thought it was winter time???

Our Flowers are blooming, lawn mowers are going?? Is this really Winter time??

Has your weather been as crazy as ours?? I am certainly NOT complaining though!! Not at all! We have had such beautiful and warm sunshiny days! On Tuesday my husband had to actually MOW! In February!! Now that is just crazy isn't it!
Yesterday I went out to check on all the bulbs I planted last fall. I had on a sleeveless shirt and capri's and was sweating ~ It was in the upper 7o's! Did I mention this was February?? Now it's March and today we will be in the 50's.
But not for long we will be moving back up in the 60's and 70's by Monday!!

I LOVE being able to work out in our yard so this truly is Heavenly! I am so glad that while the weather turned back to the 50's my Mom and I will be going to spend the day with Jenna @OSU! She is doing just awesome! Her GPA for the 1st semester was Excellent! We are all so very proud of her! She is meeting some new friends and even talking about going to study abroad someday! Isn't it just amazing all of the opportunities the Lord allows!

We will have our grand babies this weekend! ♥ I can hardly wait ♥

What will you be doing this weekend? Whatever it is I pray it is blessed!
Love to you all!!!



Our weather has been crazy as well, but thankfully I haven't had to mow just yet. Now we're dodging severe weather.

My daughter studied in London for a semester when she was in college, and it was an amazing experience for her.

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