Friday, March 16, 2012

Asking for Prayers

Today will be a very sad day. Today, my husband and I will be driving to Kansas to attend a funeral. My husband is the Regional Manager for Oklahoma and last Saturday he received one of those phone calls that you hope never comes, and when it does, you will never EVER forget it.

His Store Manager called crying hysterically and attempting to form words - words that she could not believe she was having to say - "My husband is gone. He died in his sleep last night." Brian could not believe the words he was hearing. How could this young man (41 years of age) be gone??

He had a heart attack and died in his sleep. Their 12 year old daughter found him when she went in to check and see why he wasn't up yet.

Please pray for this family. I am so thankful they are believers! The Lord knows what each one of them is going through right now and how to perfectly minister to them.

Thank you all for lifting them up. The wife's name is April and their daughter is Lilly. Both of his parents are still alive and no doubt are having a difficult time as well. April just recently lost her Father and Brother as well. She has really been hit with so much! So your prayers would mean sooo very much to her!

Bless you all! May you have a peace filled weekend!


Kim @ Homesteader's Heart

Oh my friend, I can't even imagine. My heart breaks for that family. I will pray! But somehow that just doesn't seem enough.
Love ya!


Praying for this dear family and for you as you minister to them.


How very, very sad. The unexpected deaths are the hardest to come to terms with. Thank you for telling us about April and Lilly...they will be in our thoughts and prayers.

Jennifer @ Studio JRU

Oh my goodness. Prayers said.


Oh this is heartbreaking to hear. I will be praying for this family.

Girly Muse

Oh my, how devastating! Yes, absolutely praying...

Girly Muse

Oh my, that's devastating. Yes, absolutely praying!

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