Friday, March 30, 2012

Google shut me down? HELP!

I have a question....

Has Google ever shut your blog down before?

I noticed one day, my gmail had a lot of emails that had been returned stating "Unable to deliver -or something like that. Thing is, I NEVER SENT THEM! Then it happened again! Then the following morning my Mom texted me asking why my blog was removed.... Momma say what??? Sure enough, Google had shut it down due to "suspicious activity"

I have a MAC & you know what they say.... mac's just DON'T get viruses. Well, I had to have gotten something and I have spent a lot of time over the past two days trying to figure all of this out. My honey is out of town so I am trying all of this on my own.... LOL. At least I have my blog back and my gmail as well. This is sooo not fun!

So have you ever had this happen to you? I hate to say this, BUT, I had removed the verification code (that RIDICULOUS ANNOYING and OH SUCH A PAIN) from my comment section but ever since then I have been noticing things like this. Not as big as this but still things are not right. So now I am praying I won't have to put that annoying thing back. If you have removed yours, have you had any problems with spam or malware?

Please, Let me know, and if you have any tips or suggestions, lay it on me ;)

Have a blessed Friday and a wonderful weekend my friends!



I can't say I have ever had this problem, and as for the word verification I haven't had that on my blog for years...and still no problem. Hope you find answers to this mystrey. Have a GRAND weekend my friend.

Betsy from Tennessee

Hmmmmmm... Never had that happen, but I've heard of it happening to others occasionally.. I'm sure that it is scary.. Did you find out what caused it? Glad you have it back though..

The suspicious activity may be coming from Blogger --and not from your Mac. We have Mac's too --with no problems.

Keep us posted.
Have a great weekend.


I'm sorry to hear about the trouble you had -- I hope it's all over now. We have Macs and neither of us have word verification enabled on our blogs and we haven't had any problems, although I do get frustrated with Google at times. I should tell you that we do not have G-mail accounts.


Ugh, that's horrible. I have heard of this happening to people. I am thankful your blog is back. This is one of the reasons I moved to Word Press. I was so afraid that my blog was going to disappear one day. Happy weekend!


Hi sweet friend, I too removed the word verification because of how hard the words were to read and I had some folks complaining but I still have to approve the comments before they are posted-at least that was the way I set it up, however the other day I had comments posted that I didn't approve. I really don't want to change to Word Press but if I have lots of spam etc I just might.
Hope you have a good day!
Hugs, Noreen


oh yes google shut down my blog and wouldnt let me back in i had to start a new one....they couldnt give me a logicial reason as to i moved from a new beginning blog to coker;s corner...

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