Thursday, March 8, 2012

How very Egg-citing!

My Stepdad is a Builder/Real Estate Agent. He builds some of the most beautiful houses I have ever seen. One day last week, one of his contractors was talking to him and said he needed to go home but before he left, he asked my Stepdad if he wanted any farm fresh eggs. My Stepdad said YES! Well, little did he know he would be bringing about 50+ eggs to him. Sooo, my Mom asked me if I wanted some, to which I replied...YES!!!

I brought the eggs home and sat them on the counter is a basket. My husband asked me continually if we needed to put them in the fridge. I didn't think so but wanted to make sure so I called my mom. She had wondered the very thing so she pulled up the internet and read up on it! She said we were fine to leave them out on the counter. So we did.

Then when I shared what Mom had told me, my husband got on the Internet and read up on Farm Fresh eggs. We had so much fun learning about these eggs. If you fill a bowl up with water and then drop the egg gently, it will either sink to the bottom and then turn on its side which means it is a fresh egg. If the egg floats it is a rotten egg.

Then we compared the egg yolk color as well as the egg white with a "Brand name egg". All I can say is WOW! The egg yolk from the farm fresh egg was absolutely beautiful- a rich golden yellow and the egg white was really clear compared to the slightly cloudy egg white of the store bought egg. This is caused by what type of diet they are on.

Next came cooking and tasting! Yummy. The taste was even better than I thought it could be! I even made a batch of chocolate chip cookies and they are seriously the BEST cookies I have ever made!!

So to sum this up....I will be buying farm fresh egs from now on! If I can find him! :)

What about you? Which eggs do you prefer?? Did you enjoy your Egg Lesson today ;)


Kim @ Homesteader's Heart

I did enjoy my egg lesson today. LOL! I didn't realize you could leave them out. How long will they stay good? I didn't see that in the lesson. LOL!


I was raised on farm fresh eggs, and there is nothing like them!!! I haven't tried to find any, on all our moves, even though they seem to find me from time to time. They are worth every penny. Enjoy!


Not one bit egggggsagerated & the content of your story was eggggscellent!! Love, Mom XO


Hi Loren, I loved reading this because my dad used to work in a grocery store and would tell me that the eggs would sit in the back room, unrefrigerated, until there was room on the shelf. I've also heard wonderful things about farm fresh eggs but never enjoyed one myself. After my oldest daughter has the cow butchered, she wants to get laying hens-I'm so excited.
Come by for a visit sometime-I've missed you girl.

Girly Muse

We used to have chickens growing up and I LOVED the fresh eggs! They really are so much better! :) But I still enjoyed the egg-citing lesson. :)

Beth.. One Blessed Nana

i just love store bought eggs...

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