Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Pastor and the Projects

So I shared with you all that we asked the kids what they would like to do for Spring Break. Both of my kids chose something that was with their dad. ** sniff sniff ** No, really I'm kidding! I LOVE it when my kids get one on one time with their daddy! It is soooo very important! Jantz wanted to go to the shooting range (which unfortunately didn't happen due to the rain- so he got a raincheck... hahaha, a raincheck- too funny! Anyways, Jenna asked to make some cupcakes from a recipe she found on Pinterest. She shared that each recipe used beer. One called for Corona and the other was a beer called Blue Moon. I have never even heard of Blue Moon before. Honestly, I didn't know how in the world making cupcakes with beer would even taste good but was willing to try them.

Soooo, I guess I should inject here that we are not drinkers. We have tried very hard to be an example to our kids. Both Brian and I grew up with alcoholic fathers and saw the damage it did to their lives and experienced first hand the damage it did to us. It was very important to us to teach our kids that you can break those generational strongholds!
So when we were getting what ingredients were needed for the cupcakes of course we had to get both kinds of beer. I didn't want to get a whole 6 pack of beer so I asked my husband if he could just stop @ one of the QuikTrip or Kum&Go stores to see if they have just one of the big bottles instead of doing a whole 6 pack. So Jenna & I sat out in the truck while Brian went into purchase the beer because it was still pouring rain outside! As we sat and talked and watched people come and go we saw our dear friend and our Pastor walking into the took less than 2 seconds and both (jenna and I) were like ----- HOLY MOLY, DAD IS BUYING BEEEEERRRRR!!! We were freaking out! LOLOLOL As soon as he got in the car, we were like "OMG, did Charlie (Pastor) see you? Did he see you were buying beer???" Brian said, IDK He was in an opposite part of the store when I saw him as I was walking out." Then he looked at me and said "Honey, why are you so worried? God knows why we are buying this and we know why we are buying it, and that is all that matters! If someone is going to judge us, that is their deal. Besides, I will just tell them I just got out of rehab!" HA, sure thing babe- you do that ;)

Anyway, the cupcakes were YUMMY!!! She made them mini cupcakes and my oh my are they delicious! She & her Daddy had a great time making them together and that makes them that much better!

Well, I also wanted to do a Pinterest Project. Our oldest daughter told me to look on Pinterest for this centerpiece and when I saw it I loved it! So I set about getting the things to make it. Here is the one she suggested. I could not find any JUST ORANGE jelly beans so I chose Reese's pieces. I also didn't have a square vase like this one, but now that I've done it, I wish I would have gotten one. It would have made things soooo much easier! I got a variety of peeps and my flowers were definitely not the same. So I guess you could say I created my own version :)

My girls Krista and Jenna ended up putting this together. Let me just say this.... PEEPS are sooo not easy to work with! They are pain in my patootie! Plus they are sticky and when you pull them apart they lose their color in spots.
It was quite the task but they conquered it and had fun while they did it! I haven't had the heart to tell them I totally ruined it the following day when I went to put more water into the tiny cup holding the flowers. I spilled water into the vase instead of into the cup. Within minutes all the reeses pieces were losing their color, the peeps were even more droopy than before! I was crushed. But had no choice but to take it apart and just ended up putting only the flowers back in the vase. The peeps had turned to mush, and there was noooo way to salvage the reeses. ***SIGH***

Oh well, we will have fond memories of the Peepin Pinterest project gone k-Put! :)

Have you done any projects from Pinterest and have them not workout?? What about cooking a recipe from there? Was it good or just plain awful???



made a wreath for Valentine's Day using ideas I got from a pin. Here is a link to my picture of it

I made a garlic chicken one night, it was alright but didn't taste like I'd imagined. I made the sour grapes too. They were fun and wash green grapes and then put lime jello on them and refrigerate. They taste sort of like sour patch kids. :)

Country Wings in Phoenix

Good Morning Sweetie...
I love it when you write and tell a story. I can see you two sitting in the car and waiting on DH who you know is inside buying beer, and who would pop by, but the pastor. SO LOL.... That is so darn cute.

I have to admit though I love the look of the cupcakes and I bet they were delightful. Some of the best recipes have a little addition of beer. I believe there is a great grilled chicken recipe with a can of beer being used.

Happy to pop by and say hello this morning. I lost my dashboard quite some time ago. Every now and then it greets me and I am able to pop over and say hello to my friends. Otherwise I can't see when anyone posts.

Have a glorious day sweet friend and thanks for sharing. Country hugs and much love, Sherry


What a great story & great time together!! XO


I didn't know beer was an ingredient for cupcakes, but I'm glad they were yummy. I enjoyed the story about your husband and the pastor. I haven't tried any Pinterest projects; I don't have time to do the project on my list as it is.

Betsy from Tennessee

Hi Loren, We don't drink either ---and yet I've heard that beer in recipes is good... I know that we do use wine in recipes at times... SO???? I'll bet the cupcakes were awesome.

I haven't done anything from Pinterest---but since I don't have a creative bone in my body, I would never be able to create that centerpiece... I think you did a good job with yours though (well--until the water spilled in there... ha ha )....

Sounds like you all had a great Spring Break.

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