Thursday, July 7, 2011

No Justice for Caylee

Not guilty?

As I sat and watched the jury declare Casey Anthony "not guilty" I was shocked. Even more so, watching her after the jurors had been escorted out of the court room, and seeing her parents make a quick exit as well, what was she thinking? Then again, What must they all be thinking? feeling?

As Casey began to laugh, and chat away with those around her, I was so sad. So sad for her baby girl. A beautiful 2 year old, whose life was taken from her far too soon. Yet, her mother was giddy. She was free. Free from the possibility of the death penalty. Free from facing consequences of actions she allegedly committed. Was she thinking of Caylee at all?

I have thought so much about how she spent her nights in jail and more importantly, how she spent that last night before hearing of her conviction or as we all witnessed her "not guilty verdict."

Does she pray? Does she practice "positive thinking" and believe it will come true like so many "new age movement" thinkers do?
Or did she just pace all day and night allowing Fear to rule and reign her thoughts and mind?

I truly never have understood how people get through life without Christ. Whether it be getting through the loss of a loved one and experiencing the Comfort and Peace that only truly comes from the Lord. Or maybe, it is the way HE will show HIMSELF strong in a situation and bring you that "Suddenly" moment, knowing there is no way to deny that it was the Lord working in your life. I will be praying for Casey Anthony. I don't even begin to judge where she is spiritually. Based on the facts of the case, it would be safe to say she needs Jesus in her life as her SAVIOR in a BIG WAY. Clearly, she is attempting to numb some pain in her life with all the partying she does and lying that comes with it. It's all so very sad. She needs a miracle to put her on the path to Eternity.

But then again, Our Lord is still in the Miracle business today and forevermore!

What are your thoughts on this case?



Hi there, I so agree with you on all counts. I was so shocked at the not guilty sentence too. I think there is more to this story and the parties involved(maybe her parents too as her mom changed her story)and we won't know it this side of heaven. Also wonder where Caylee's dad is and whether her other grandparents knew about her. Good reminder though to be praying that she finds Jesus and forgiveness.
Hugs today Loren.


I honestly don't know what to think in this case. I think there is a lot of things going on in that WHOLE family behind the scenes that we the public don't see. It all makes me very, very sad...mostly for the innocent...Kaylee. I have to admit what really bothers me, is the hate I see in other peoples actions toward this family. I don't watch a lot of the news, but watched one show that showed people standing outside her parents house yelling the most hateful things. I was blown away by that. We aren't suppose to love the sin, but we are suppose to the sinner, and pray that they will repent. I could never stand outside someones home even knowning they are guilty and yell hateful things. UGH.

Like I said...all makes me sad. Probalby much more then you wanted to know how I felt about this case, huh?

Betsy from Tennessee

I was furious because it reminded me of the O.J. case which I watched many years ago. I don't understand our justice system these days. It's all about 'reasonable doubt'--and even though there was TONS of evidence against Casey, that jury decided that the prosecution didn't prove beyond a reasonable doubt that SHE did it... SO---they just took the easy way out and said that she was NOT GUILTY.... Unbelievable...

That poor baby girl was missing for a month --and nobody reported it... As a friend says, "There's no justice for Caylee".....

Casey will be out running around partying and going to bars in a few days.... Life goes on. Sad, isn't it????

BUT--the good news is that when Casey Anthony meets her maker, she'll be judged then... God will prevail---not man.
PS---I read that she was exchanging emails with some men while in jail --and she WANTS to have another child... GADS!


Caylee's Law, contact your Senator and Representative: there should be a new federal law created called Caylee's Law that will make it a federal offense for a parent or guardian to not notify law enforcement of a child going missing in a timely manner. Let's keep another case like Caylee Anthony out of the courts.
Find Caylee's Law petition here @


I was shocked with both the not guilty verdict and the fact that it came after a relatively short time of jury deliberations. But I guess I shouldn't be surprised. More and more our society refuses to recognize a difference between right and wrong, good and bad. It's a sign of how far we've fallen since so many have tried to take God out of the public arena.

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