Saturday, July 9, 2011

Spiritual Sundays~ A Spoken Blessing

A Few years ago I learned about a very special gift ~ the Power of a Spoken Blessing. Declaring and Decreeing blessings over my children. Literally imparting Gods Word as well as speaking a blessing over them.

Do you speak blessings over your children? Maybe, as they go off about their day, just stop and pray over them, speaking forth the blessing. Asking God to give them Joy throughout their day, or to be strong in their gift as a leader, or speaking peace & calm over them if they are experiencing some strife in their class room. The list could go on and on.

Speaking blessings is not some magic formula, the children have a choice in receiving it and choose to live according to it or they might turn their back on the Lord and ignore it all together. The same goes for anyone we might speak blessings over. But as parents, I know I would much rather speak the blessing over them, leaving them a heritage of many spoken blessings!

One wonderful example I can share, was speaking a blessing over both Jenna & Jantzen about getting along as brother & sister. To not only get along but to truly be "friends" enjoying hanging out with each other and not bickering. The transformation was amazing! Within a very short time of speaking these blessings, I saw subtle changes and then each day watching what the Lord was doing in them was just so exciting!

Do you know what your childrens spiritual gifts are? This is another wonderful way to speak forth blessings over them. My son, Jantzen has such a servants heart. We pray that his gift would continue to grow and the Lord would use him according to
His will! Not only do the kids hear you speaking, but they know you believe in them as well! Plus, they also see a glimpse into how much God does too!

I have had prayer warriors speak blessings over me, and let me tell you, I received those blessings with great expectation! Hearing those blessings was so very powerful !!

Outside our homes, our children and/or our spouses hear enough negativity. Don't you think speaking a blessing over those you love is one of the most wonderful and loving things we could do?

Today I am joining Charlotte & Ginger @ Spiritual Sundays ~ to read more go here



This is such great advice, Loren! If more Christian parents did this, I think they'd see huge changes in their families. Stopping by from Spiritual Sunday. Blessings!


great post Loren..I love the names of your kids. And myself...I don't exactly speak blessings over my kids..never thought about it but I do tell them all the time the neat things about each of them. And when I do....I can see how that affects them so positively. Words have power...and I always want my words to empower them to live their best lives. Sounds like you do pretty much the same thing

no spring chicken

This is so important! Thank you for sharing your experience... I too have recognized the tremendous fruit of speaking blessings over my children, and my husband! Thank you for reminding us of this oft forgotten tool.

Blessings, Debbie


Good advice, Loren. Your children are blessed in more ways than one. Thank you for sharing this blessing with us.


Thanks for sharing a much-needed reminder of the power of blessings when others can hear them. You're right about the amount of negativity outside the home, we meed to make our homes a positive environment for God's blessings.

Girly Muse

This is a huge gift~ to speak blessings over your children and not allowing familial curses to carry on...the chain can me broken! Amen! :)

Love you! Thanks for the encouraging word.

Whidbey Woman

Such a good reminder to pray for our children. Thank you.


I am so grateful that you are teaching Jen & Jantz these lessons and showing them the importance of the bond between siblings. I have witnessed just this weekend how these bonds have broken down & have torn families apart....only to wonder if the foundation can ever be repaired.

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