Monday, July 25, 2011

Mondays Musings

I didn't really mean to leave everyone hanging!!! So sorry about that....

We went to the neurologist's office and really really liked him! He was willing to answer any questions we had and believe me, my husband can ask some questions now LOL.

This is where we are in a nutshell.....

He won't be diagnosed with anything unless he has a 2nd seizure. If that happens we will begin meds immediately. For now, everything looks fine. He scheduled an EEG for mid- August which was frustrating for a couple of reasons. School will be back in and for that test he MUST:

On the night before the test he has to STAY UP TIL MIDNIGHT and then WAKE UP @5A.M. he is not allowed sugar or caffeine products AT ALL! Then the actual test won't be until late in the afternoon!!! I am going to see if I can be put on a "call list" in case someone cancels and pray that one will open up BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS!! will anyone join me??? pretty please :)

I honestly thought we were going to have the EEG the day of the apt. so when I found out it wasn't until another 3-4 weeks, Jantz & I were bummed! Oh how the Lord is working on me about HIS TIMING :) and NOT my own!

On another note....Our oldest daughter & son-in-law, celebrated their ♥ 6 year wedding anniversary ♥ and we got to keep our grand babies overnight! We had so much fun. Rylee finger painted, did water balloons, played in the sprinkler, helped me cook dinner, and we found some really cool PINK BUBBLES!! Bentley is getting sooo big! He turned 6 months old and is just the sweetest and happiest little boy! He eats constantly LOL Can you believe my arms were actually sore from holding him! He is just sooo precious. They both are! We all enjoyed having them here! Aunt Jenna and Uncle Jantzen were in heaven as well and they were both a HUGE HELP!!

At church, We ended our series titled, "At the movies" this weekend. Man, they were awesome ~ each and every one of them! This week was a lesson through the eyes of the movie "The Kings Speech." Craig taught on how the true story of King George VI and how he stammers. He shared about Moses not feeling qualified because of his fears and insecurities. He shared that God will always use what others will overlook. We have a VOICE !! Whatever HE calls us to do, HE will provide all we need even if that means someone to help us with that specific insecurity. In this movie God provided a man who helped him in a very unorthodox way. I just love how God allows what we think is impossible or simply ridiculous into being the answer and the way....It is truly only Christ who can make something out of what we might "think" is absolutely NOTHING!

Well, my friends please continue to pray for rain. Here is out forecast for the week! It is really getting to be a HUGE concern with water, and the farmers with their animals, crops etc. We have made the choice to let our yard go but after putting so much money into our flower beds we can't let them go. So please pray for rain....I know many are suffering with this heat. I am praying for relief for all who are experiencing this unrelenting heatwave!

Look at that!! That is Not even with the Heat index...that is just the temp....OYE! Please Please Pray!!!

Happy Monday my friends!!


The Real Me!

God's timing isn't always our own is it my friend? I pray that it just all works out!

And have I mentioned I love Florida? LOL!
Hang in there my friend. That's what A/C is for, to get us through the Summer months.

Larie Writes-Proverbs 27:19

Sounds like having your grandbabies really was a bunch of fun!


Betsy from Tennessee

That's what doctors do to us... make us hurry up and wait!!!!! Sorry you have to wait... BUT--glad all of the tests so far are negative.

We've seen the movie, The King's Speech.. EXCELLENT.

Glad you enjoyed your grandbabies.

The Not So Perfect Housewife

Hey there~
Oh girl, I know how those unanswered questions/ waiting times can be hard.. but keep trusting. God will reveal all that need to be revealed.

Sorry to hear about the drought.. always hate to hear about that. Will be praying for those rain clouds..


Sorry to hear that you are going to have to wait even longer. I hope something opens up sooner, but thankful you can trust in a higher power during this time.

I thought we were are literally burning up down there. What rain wouldn't do just about now, huh?


Hi Loren, I'm so glad you posted this because I've been waiting and wondering. Praying for total and complete healing so that he would not have to take med's or be impacted in the future. Please keep us updated.
Hugs to you today.

Girly Muse

oh wow, that is so, SO hot! praying for rain!

good to get an update on the doctor visit. man, they are dragging it out, aren't they?! grr. praying that God continues to heal Jantzen and that you'll get the answers you need.

love you! so glad you got time with the grandbabies. 6 months, no way!!!

Steph T.

I will pray for your sweet boy! Keep us updated!! Love you! And I will pray for rain too!


Happy to hear you liked Jantzen's doctor. That makes a huge difference in care. Let's hope you get on that "call" list so this can be done before school starts. Which, by the start in August? Unless it's a private school, Minnesota school are not to start until after Labor Day, so we have a lot of summer left yet.
Please continue to keep us posted on Jantzen.

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