Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back to Life

Back to Life. Back to Reality. Back to....oh wait, that is a song ! But certainly how I felt having come home from one of the most fun and successful trips I've had in quite awhile.

My Sweet Momma has taken Jenna and I on girls trips since Jenna was about 10. We usually go somewhere within 4 to 8 hours away, always driving and spend a weekend or so just enjoying one another. We shop and eat out, sleep in and stay up late. It has been such a gift my Mom has given to both Jen and I all these years!

This year we had a goal and that was to get some things for Jenna's dorm room. She will be moving into her dorm in mid August. We decided making a trip to IKEA would be our best option and definitely the best prices. Jenna was able to get everything she needed and even some stuff for her roommate as well. She got a complete closet system, curtains, pillows, bathroom towels and a shower caddy, sheets, duvet cover, rugs, dishes...the list goes on and on. She got it all for around $300. Unbelievable! Truly a blessing!

We also went to an AWESOME Outlet Mall. We literally shopped til we dropped. Then on the last day we went to downtown McKinney Tx. and walked around. It was the cutest, most quaint little downtown area! The shops were so cool and then we went into a restaurant and caught the womens soccer game. So sad they lost but happy that Japan had something to celebrate!

The Lord blessed us with time together, laughing, bonding, relaxing, and we met some of the nicest people along the way! It is always fun to see who the Lord allows us to meet on these trips!

So now, it is back to reality. We are still in the 100+ temperatures! Our Governor has called us to pray for rain! How awesome is that!??!?! Of course, there were those who were upset with the word "Pray" but this is really affecting our Farmers, animals, and the elderly too. We have set some serious records with the temps this summer. So if you don't mind...Can you help us pray for rain in Oklahoma and for all of those affected by this heat! Thank you soo much! We have had to be put on water rationing and for now we can water only on certain days but if we don't get the rain we may lose the option to water AT ALL! OY!

I pray you all had a blessed weekend and are staying COOL! Have missed you all! Will be getting around to say hi soon ....



I do love bargain shopping! What deals you found! What fun to be able to go on a special girls' weekend together. Great idea!


What a fun weekend it sounds like you had! I love IKEA! We have one only about 45 minutes from here and I rarely go. I think it will be on my "go to" list once school starts up in the fall and I'm back to "lonely" days.
Oooooooo-eeeeeeeee! You do have some hot temps down there. We're hot and humid here, too. Temps of upper 90s with heat index of 110-115. Parker is suppose to start a three-day football activity late afternoon today and I'm not sure how they are going to handle it for the kids. Inside drills, I hope?
Enjoy getting back to "normal" today...and stay cool.
Peace and blessings.

Betsy from Tennessee

Glad you had a great time shopping and being together --just a girls' time together!!!! Neat!!!

God Bless your Governor... We need more like him!!!! Glad you have AC out there... I couldn't stand that kind of heat.. I gripe here when it gets in the 80's... ha



I'm glad you had such a wonderful trip with your Mom and Jenna. Our temperatures aren't quite as high as yours have been, but we also have people praying for relief. I hope you can stay cool.


Hi Loren, What a sweet time and blessing to go on this road trip with your mom and girl....girl time, there is nothing like it.
You are richly blessed to have such a close relationship with your mom. Loved hearing about the bargains at Ikea-we are getting one in Denver. It's hot here too-but only to the high 90's but still mighty toasty to be outside in. Stay cool dear one, wish I could come play with you!
Hugs, Noreen

Beth.. One Blessed Nana

oh, my friend it is hot here too! miserable!

so glad you got your girl some great deals. i know that she is going to do awesome because she has an amazing mom!


I don't know if I have ever commented on how your relationship with your mom, touches my heart. I LOVE seeing how close the two of you are, and how that has overflowed into your relationship with your daughters. Sounds like you had an AWESOME happy for you. Truly, you have taught me so well(by your spirit), what it is to be geniunely happy for others. Thank you! Stay cool my friend!!!

Girly Muse

It sounds like a wonderful glad you were able to have that time together before Jenna goes to school! I bet her room will be the cutest EVER! We shall want to see pictures. ;)

Welcome home! We're having the heat over here too~ feeling bad for how long you've had it. Will pray for rain and a cooling off. Love you!


Hi Loren! So nice to catch up a bit with you. How wonderful to be able to have that time with both your mom and your girl. I LOVE the idea...I remember getting Mel ready for her first semester of college like it was yesterday...such a fun season in life. My daughter who lives on the border of Texas and New Mexico has been sweltering in record heat too...Sooo hot. Hope you all get a break soon. Have a good week! HUGS

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