Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ahhh Saturday mornings! One of my favorite times with my honey! We sat around in our jammies this morning, turned on the fireplace in the kitchen and talked while we had our morning coffee. Just catching up with one another and discussing our plans for the weekend. I simply treasure these times with Brian! We really need to plan some serious time together to put some things on the calendar. Our time over the break was not much of what you would call a break because we had sooo much going on with his shoulder surgery, our grandbaby being born :) and then hosting the OneThing Conference here which was awesome, and then you add going here and there celebrating Christmas and before you know it everyone has gone back to work and to school and nothing was planned for the new year.

My friend and lifecoach Cindy told me "Loren you are not a planner but you work much better if you have a plan" It hid me hard and I have tried ever since to have a plan sooo....once again...DO IT don't just say it!

Well today I hope to accomplish all God wants me to for Him mostly and for my family as well.
We are not having house church this weekend so I will allow this time to be used wisely and prayerfully get caught up around here.


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