Thursday, January 22, 2009

Well I just wanted to share about my night last night. We had our daughter Krista and her husband over to finally have our "family" Christmas. I know it's january but because Rylee was born so close to Christmas we weren't able to fit in having just our little family Christmas and then Casey's (son-in-law) grandma died and they had family staying at their house so it was just one thing after another they has delayed it but wow, it was a precious night. I had a busy day and so I put on a roast, pot, and carrots in the crock pot and when they got here Krista looked sooo very good. She has lost 30 lbs already and Rylee has changed sooo much since we last saw her. She had just gotten her shots the day before and Krista said she was cranky but I sooo did not care! Just holding her and seeing Brian hold her totally melted my heart! I have always heard that the love a grandparent has is beyond describable and it is a very accurate statement!

Krista was almost 2 yrs old when i married Brian so she has always been like my own and as a stepmom we have had out typical step family issues. I have made many mistakes and we have really worked towards healing any wounds that I personally may have put on Krista or that we as a couple have done. God truly has helped all of us come to a better place and as Rylee was born I must admit, my fear or not being able to be a part of her life has really at times been too much. I can see God doing an even deeper healing in all of us and it is just sooo sweet! For Christmas Krista and Casey gave me a bracelet, the clasp is a heart and the clasp that connects says love on it, then it has a heart charm on it that reads "noni" the name I have asked to be called instead of grandma. I cannot even describe what it meant to me and I tear up each time I look at it because I don't just see a bracelet, I see God and His amazing and wonderful love that heals us, brings restoration to our lives and just opens up doors of hope of the things to come.

Thankyou Lord....Thankyou.

I started a new bible study today. It is on the book of Esther. It's titled "Esther...being a woman is tough" Beth Moore is an amazing woman of God and one of the most anointed Bible teachers out there in my humble opinion. I very much look forward to this study and to see what God has in store!


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