Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow storm 09

Well we got ice, we got sleet and then finally came the beautiful snow! The ice started yesterday around noon and pretty much lasted throughout the night and day today just a slow and steady fall. The memory of last years storm was ever present on everyones mind and the grocery stores along with the home depot and lowes stores proved this to be very true. Everyone raided the stores...milk, de-icer, bread...none to be had. School was out today and will be again tomorrow, in my opinion maybe Friday we will go back but will just have to see. We have not lost electricity which is the best gift God could bestow upon us and those of us who have verdigris valley couldn't be more happy because it doesn't take much for us to lose power.

I am relatively new to Facebook but today it was so fun to be cooped up but to talk to more people than I would had I even been at work. Technology is amazing! We can
share what's going on, discuss a show with each other, offer up a prayer or request for one and all of it is right at your fingertips. For some, it is a place to receive the only encouragement they get all day for others it is simply a place to vent. But I am thankful to see God move even on Facebook.

Well I hope to soon be able to post some pictures here on my blog but will have to wait for my friend to show me more about all of this.

I will be glad when the cold goes away so my body will stop hurting! It's nice having a fire though!


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