Monday, January 19, 2009

Well. it's Monday and it's Martin Luther King day so we are on Holiday! We had a really good time last night. We met with a couple who have been pastors before and sat around and got to know one another. It was just so refreshing, they cooked for all of us (3 couples) and we felt as if we were royalty. They had everything soo nice and the love of the Lord was ALL OVER THEM!

As each couple shared our story of our spiritual upbringing and then our spiritual passions I learned something new about each of my very close friends and even my husband. But as this couple listened to each one of us, they just shared what only mentors can share in their kind and loving way.....We are all STRIVING to do what we think God WANTS us to do or what we think we NEED to do. I for instance shared that I had absolutely no spiritual upbringing and it wasn't until J my daughter was born 16 yrs ago that I realized I did not want to her to be raised not knowing Christ and living for HIM. Then I shared that I was sooo desperately afraid of teenagers.....literally to walk into a high school would give me nothing short of anxiety, I still panic at football games....(all of this stems back to my highschool days 2 occasions where I was surrounded by the school for a girl to....beat me up) but anyway what the devil meant for harm...God has most definately turned for good. To teach youth in our home was probably one of the scariest things I could have ever imagined plus I just don't KNOW the Word like the other leaders I am around. He just looked right at me and said this "Loren it is good for you to want to know the Word and to gain more wisdom but you need to understand....You are equipped, you have everything you need right inside of you and you will touch these kids by just being who you are. You will affect them and not even know it but in the years to come they will return to you and Brian and share what you all meant to them in their youth." The Lord showed me at this exact moment of our old home where we had a swimming pool and it seemed as if we always had a house full of kids at while we didn't sit and have "lessons per se" we just loved them all soo very much and mostly they didn't have close families, one in particular, had a home with drugs being used by both parents. Anyway, one of the kids who is now in college wrote me just recently wrote me a note telling me "Your house was the one place we had fun, it was the happiest times in my childhood" I am truly not looking for kudos or praise but just felt the Lord saying....It is true my daughter, you are equipped and I am in you to help you along the way, rest in me & walk with me. Yet another moment of His Love going down deep into my heart, soul and spirit. He is soo good to me. This went on through each and every one of us and we all left with a light heart...when God moves in and through His brings peace, joy, and freedom.


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