Monday, January 26, 2009

monday - Chili
tuesday- Chef Salad
wednesday- youth snacks
thurs-hamburgers, homemade fries (sweet potato)
friday- Chicken kbobs
saturday-pancakes, eggs, bacon (seems to be the popular vote) thanks nicole!

It's monday and the forecast is snow/ice and it is only 28 outside right now which makes my joints do nothing but ache!! We had a very busy weekend which meant no real rest. Brian and I had a great morning Saturday morning and then Jen and I went to "Jack Danger Eatons" baby shower and that was fun then we were off to see Brad Paisley with our dear friends Connie and Ashley. It was such a treat to spend an evening with them. The girls have been friends since they were 2 as have Connie and I. We all went out to eat and then when we got to the concert Darius Rucker (aka "Hootie and the Blowfish" now turned country) was singing, which was such a treat because I loved Hootie back when he was rock so to see him now was awesome. Dierks Bentley played before Brad and he was good as well but then out came Brad and he really puts on a great show! I loved watching it all through the eyes of my daughter!! I just cherish her and anytime we get together is a gift from the Lord alone!

Sunday we went to Destiny Life again and it was soo very good and then when we pulled into our drive we saw some friends had come over and were out back splitting our firewood and stacking it up for us since brian still cant do it with his shoulder, what a BLESSING!! God has given us such wonderful loving friends who truly are examples of godliness. It overwhelms me!

We spent last night with the couple who is mentoring all of us and once again God just poured out on all of us more and more of His unconditional love! I just am in awe of how God puts people in my life who lead me, love me, mentor me and are vessels who take that journey with me ....the journey the only God has prepared....the one that leads to knowing Him and his unconditional love that no matter what I do or don't do He loves me no more and no less.

Well the rain/ice just started falling ....I am ready to get the kids and build a fire and snuggle up with my family!



Proud of that menu!!!

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