Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This and That Tuesday

Went to physical therapy and got yet another progress report....I am progressing ever soooo slowly but STILL, I am progressing! I increased 5 degrees in each motion. I am not yet 50% (of where I should be) in some positions and the most important one I want to be able to do is, be able to reach my arm up to blow dry my hair and/or shampoo it the way it is meant to!

Look at those arms!!! I will be there SOMEDAY!!!!

We did however figure out a new way for me to exercise those back muscles which will help in strengthening them! and EVERY BIT helps right :):)

Jantzen and Jenna find humor in reminding me that they are getting older. Jen will be 18 this year and my baby boy became a teenager last month **sniff sniff** I was sharing with Jantzen that I woke up in the middle of the night in a panic state with the thought of Jenna going off to college (I calmed myself knowing she has another year of highschool) and he began talking about when he leaves (just to ruffle my feathers) .....Love your babies because it goes sooo quickly!!

We were all together this weekend as a family ~ Our oldest daughter came over this weekend to get a haircut and her eyebrows waxed! Casey came along with our granddaughter Rylee ♥ and wanted to let everyone know he is doing much better. He returned to work today and will be getting his stitches out tomorrow. His jaw will be wired shut still for another few weeks. We told him we would all celebrate with a big juicy steak when he can eat again! I love when we are all together like that!

My brother Tony did a commercial tinting job and the lady who owned the business noticed his bracelet that he wears and Tony was able to share John Bucks story and tell her about the FundRaiser this weekend....she wrote him a check for $100 on the spot! Love those moments when you know God is moving in HIS people!

The grieving process is a difficult season and you never know what/how the grief will come on any particular day....Somedays I get by and only miss daddy while others come and I cry so many times throughout the day at random things....The other day I was on the phone with a company and the song that was playing while I was on hold sent me into a tizzy! This season in my life is hard and I know I have really pulled way back from many and for that I apologize....I haven't done any of this on purpose and pray they will understand that this is only a season....

Our doggies are doing great! Maggie (the new boxer) now weighs more than Tyson (the snorky) and is just the sweetest girl! She is doing great on potty training (just don't ask my husband ;) because you might get a different version!)

I will be annoncing a new book tomorrow....I am supposed to be reviewing it but I haven't even received it yet LOL but come over to my book blog and check it out

Love and Blessing



I enjoyed this post, thanks for updating us on everything sweetie. I am so happy about your progress, way to go!! Prayers continue for Casey, and John. I know you still hurt over your precious dad, the pain is very fresh. Asking God to comfort your hurting heart sis. I love you.

{Simply} Heather

My sister, don't apologize for your feelings and how you experience the loss of your pulling away a little now and then.

I've been there. I was there for the fullness of a year after my mom left and haven't realized it until recently. I also realize that because I wasn't able to fully let my feelings out, the process is lengthened. My friend, Dan, from Wood and Pixels Narratives coaxed me through gently. He lost his mother just a year or two before I did and he kept telling me that the first year is the hardest on our emotions. He was right, although, like I said, I wasn't really aware of myself grieving or that some of those feelings were a part of it.

What really amazes me is the difference in my personality now. We change through it, through every occurrence that deeply affects us. 'Course that's a given, right?

Bless you, Loren, in every one of those moments where that tinge of remembrance hits you. May you find that our loving Lord is right there, holding your hand and leading you on.

{I got your email...thank you for sharing with me}

And, I love you too.

{big hug}


I enjoy reading all your news. I totally understand about the grieving process. I still miss my mom and it's been five years since she died. But the pain lessens in time but the memories are still alive.

Love you,

Kathy C.

Loren, it sounds like you've got a lot of happy goings on. :) I'm glad to hear your SIL is doing better, I'm still in shock about what happened to him...
I will be praying for you my friend, sometimes after someone passes, we forget that their is still a lot of prayer needed during that grieving. Blessings to you my friend...and sweet boxer kisses frommin to yours! :)


Avoidance/isolation are part of the 5 steps of grief.
unfortunately i got a nice little email from a very nice person who said i should stop avoiding 'people.'
I just miss my boy.

christy rose

Aww Loren, you just made me tear up. I can imagine how each day would be so different in managing your thoughts and feelings about losing your dad. I am still lifting you up in prayer and asking God to bring you comfort and hug you for me too. :)
Loren, I was just preparing for this retreat that I am going to this month and I wasn't sure if I had mentioned it to you before or not. But it is down there close to you and I was wondering if you might be interested in attending. I would so love to meet you and introduce you to some of my friends. The retreat is March 26-28. I do not know if that is even an open weekend for you. But if it is and you are interested at all. I could e-mail you some information on it. Let me know. I would be so excited if we could at least get together and meet. :)
Love, Christy


You are a busy girl! 5 degrees is 5 degrees... good job! It will just keep getting better and better. I LOVE family weekends when everybody gets together!! So glad to hear Casey is doing well.


p.s. giveaway info on my blog ;)


Loren I can identify with how quickly your kids grow. I still can't believe mine are all grown and gone. = ( ENJOY every moment it does go quickly. The pain of losing your dad is still soo fresh. It is hard. I lost my dad when I was only 25. I wasn't close to him like you were with yours, and it was still hard. I pray the Lord continues to give you comfort. YAY on your progress. I am sure every little bit helps. Say a quick prayer for me if you get the chance, I have a REALLY bad bronchitis and it has knocked me flat. Thanks, I sappreciate it...Hugs, Debbie

He & Me + 3

Hey atleast you are making some progress. I agree 5 degrees is 5 degrees. It is in the right direction so that is all that matters.
So glad that all your family was home. That must have been nice. I know that you miss your daddy...& the different emotions is all part of the grieving process and everyone grieves different.
Praying for you.
That is awesome about the check too. God is so good.


Love and hugs to you my friend! I can only imagine a loss that are living it and you are allowed to grieve the way that works for you with no apologies needed. We all heal and move forward differently.

About your day I am praying you will get there. On a funny note...I know under my troubled arm the hair grows just a little quicker and sometimes I don't even care...if I can't lift to shave, I just can't do it.

Take care my friend.



The sad part of this post and your email was my phone. When you called, it was for my cell phone, and I left it in my purse, in the car and never got your call! Oh it broke my heart so when I got your email and heard that I missed your call. Can you say, sad, devastated, and downright, kicking myself for all days leaving my phone in the car. I never do that.

No worries about all the other stuff, just want to make sure we can touch base and visit over the phone. Man, you sure can write one long email. I told Steve this morning it would take me all day to reply so I will just keep attempting to call you.

You're in my prayers and I know this will be a difficult year for you, as it should be, you are working things out with your loss as well as so many other things in keeping your life moving. Just how do you do it?

If you get a chance stop by my blog today for an exciting new giveaway.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat


Praying for you as you still miss your daddy (and probably always will) but I hope the pain will lessen! And you look too young to have teenagers!!


Sounds like you are a busy lady. I'm always interested in the goings on in your life.
Thanks for the "tweet". I was really surprised when the tweet column popped up on the screen and there was your message.
Sweet Dreams,

Girly Muse

Dear Loren,

Catching up on your blog today and so thankful about the's not nearly enough, but thank the Lord, you're moving in the right direction. You'll be blowdrying with perfect ease soon, I just know it.

Wish I was coming over to get my hair cut and eyebrows waxed. Remember when I saw you, I needed a haircut and eyebrows waxed? Still do! Yep, it's bad. haha

Love you, my friend. You're so great.


Praising God for all He has done this week with you!!
Praying for your range of motion...I also cannot wait to blowdry my own hair again!! and, for your grief...may God be so close to you, sweet Loren.

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