Monday, March 1, 2010

What are you drinking?

Some of you know I suffer from Chronic inflammation issues (which causes soo much pain!). Some days are better than others but I have started drinking this! It's organic Just Black Cherry tastes pretty good and I am praying I will see some benefits QUICKLY!

For those of you who visited my post yesterday and were not able to view the video ~ I FIXED THE PROBLEM AND YOU CAN WATCH IT NOW :)

Thank you for your prayers and kind words for the Buck Family! I know it means so very much knowing they have so many praying for them!

Love and Blessings!


The Real Me!

You know what else works wonders for inflammation? Mona Vie. It's just a shame that it's so expensive. We used to be distributors for it but had to stop because it just got to pricey right now as times are hard. But it does work wonders for that. You could always check out other products out there that has the Acai berry in it. I hope the black cherry juice works!
Big Hugs to you!

Cherie Hill

Interesting Loren...I'm going to check that out...I actually take SAMe for my arthritis (hereditary) and I've had excellent results...the juice may be something I need as well! Thank you sister!
In Him,


I wonder if it would work for arthritis too? It is an inflammation...Praying this works for you. Just watched the video...How awesome was that. Had me in tears. I'm taking his button now. Have a great day Loren, Hugs, Debbie

{Simply} Heather

Loren, I didn't know this or that :) - now, your inflammation issues, are they in the joints? I suffer from it too, although haven't fully embraced the thought of arthritis yet...

I also have a REALLY hard time saying that the extra calcium built up on my large toe joint is a bunion!! It just won't sound right until I'm, like, seventy-something...ya know?

Love to you, dear sister...and thanks for the up on Black Cherry Juice...sounds yummy and beneficial (do let us know).


Beth.. One Blessed Nana

Praying the juice does the work!

I will be praying for John as well. Sounds like what our friend Robert went through. Praise God it appears that he is cancer free as well!

Beth E.

I usually drink a lot of water, but I've been known to drink Diet Coke, too....trying to eliminate that stuff, though. I know it's not good for me!

Goji juice used to be really popular in our area, but that is also pricey. Keep us posted on how this works! I have issues with joint pain, so I would probably benefit from juicing, too.



I hope the black cherry juice helps!! I love black cherries... what is this juice do?
Love ya,

christy rose

I hope that this works for you Loren!!!


You will have to let me know if it works my dear. I can completely sympathize with you and the pain you feel.

Also I went down and watched the video you shared this past weekend...crying...tears of joy, tears of happiness...just tears. So touching.


Praying for your inflammation, do not want you to hurt sis. I love you.



WOW I have never heard of this and I would probably drink it anyways despite the health benefits associated with it. It sounds so refreshing and so summery!

I have tried calling you like forever but no calls back :( See sad face man!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat


Praying about the inflamation, Loren. May the Lord heal you thoroughly. Cherries are good for gout, too, which is a form of arthritis.

Love and hugs,

He & Me + 3

I hope that it works quickly too. Sounds good though.

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