Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pursuing L♥ve

This week we are asking ourselves the question: Are we Rude or Courteous?

Wouldn't it just be wonderful if we could all answer immediately "Why, of course I am Courteous!" In Proverb 12 verse 25 we will see that while "a anxious heart weighs a man down, a kind word will cheer you up!"

To me, if we want to be Courteous we only need to look at the Character of Christ. HE is the perfect Gentleman! He NEVER forces HIMSELF on us, He is Patient ~ don't we love when someone is patient with us! (How courteous is that!) HE IS KIND! HE is FULL of Compassion (can't we all use more compassion!) HE is Tender and full of Understanding! Understanding is HUGE! When we are in a situation that calls for being courteous how many times do we stop and try to Understand where a person is coming from instead of what WE may be wanting to prove, or to do, or even to say? If we could see people and understand them through the EYES of Christ I think our Love Walk would grow more and more every day!

May we be found GUILTY of sharing that Kind Word with others and changing the very mood they were in ~ to a Son-ny one as we are a LIGHT for HIM, walking in Love and being Courteous in every way thinkable!

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The Real Me!

If we could all have His eyes, it would change the world!!
Great post my friend.


I love this, and I love you.


Thank you for sharing this wonderful post! I am very compassionate and try to say things to cheer others, but I also constantly have knee jerk rude reactions. I have been working on it for years and am still. . .I do think I am improving some. Thank you, again!


Just dropping by to say: Thanks for your prayers, love, and support. Thanks for being my friend.
Hugs, andrea


Indeed, it is a journey we are on to be more like Him...glad for friends like you on the journey.



Just popping over really quick to say a warm hello and letting you know you are in my prayers. I read the previous posts that I had missed as I have a little time today to visit my friends. I hope that "black cherry" juice's nutrients will help out in your arm's mobility :)
Amen to your post above. I like the way you ended it. "May we be found guilty of sharing the Kind Word..." That's my prayer for the Lord to help me see, hear through His eyes and ears. Because sometimes, the old nature creeps up when it should have been disposed off long time ago. Especially at my workplace.
Love to you sister and I'm glad that you are able to gain a little more movement with your arm. May the Lord give you His strength and healing in no time. I got your tender hugs around my neck.LOL. Take care sis. Love you in Christ.


Loren this waa soo good. I do always try to "see" and feel things from the prospective of the other person. It is SOO important. It is how Christ is ~ full of compassion and love for all of us. I love the idea of being "Sunny" for Him. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Deb

He & Me + 3

Great post Loren. I find that i am much more courteous to strangers than to my family and that really bothers me. Why is that? I am a work in progress for sure. This post got me thinking.


I have not written my post yet but as I was thinking about it, I thought something you mentioned about how we need to consider being in the other person's shoes. Sometimes I get so aggravated by how people act, like the waitress or someone at the grocery store; but I don't have a clue the reason behind their actions.

I read a post yesterday about seeing people through the grace of God and also that was on the audio book I'm listening to right now. Thank you God for this reminder to look at people through your eyes.

God bless you, Loren.

christy rose

It is so true that we can truly only be courteous as we receive the treatment of courtesy first from the One who invented it! :) He is so kind and patient and ever so loving every time that He responds to us. Realizing and receiving His extension of love toward us empowers us to be able to extend that same treatment toward others. :) I pray that the Lord helps me to see Him and receive from Him as He truly is and not as I have made Him out to be in my own understanding. This was a great reminder for me Loren! Thank you,

Steph T.

I am guilty of assuming what others think a lot of the time and it usually gets me in trouble. Matt says to "assume good intentions" from people. Good advice!

WHAT IS MY SURPRISE?!?!?! I am so excited!!!


All I can say is this post got me thinking(a lot like your email got me thinking). There are so many facets to being courteous...and Jesus does show us each and everyone of them. If I could just be a better follower.


Loren, back again to tell you thank you for your comments on my post. The verse you quoted is also one of my very favorite reminders.

Beautiful pear tree lane

Hi Loren,
As always you have blessed me with your words of encouragement.I always want to be able to respond to others as Christ would do, but fall short so many times.Thanks for reminding me of who my example is.

I also have been reading and catching up on your other posts. Having lost my Dad, some years ago, and who I was very close to, I know about the grieving process that you are going through, and so understand. God is so faithful, I couldn't have gone through it with out His comfort, and the people He placed in my life.

The post about your brother Tony, really touched me,He is very talented his artwork was unbelievable, but his compassionate heart blessed me even more. And yes God does have him in His palm, and for that you can rest.
John Buck looks like a vibrant young man, and he and his family are now on my prayer list. I was also so touched by the video.I too will agree and believe for complete healing!
I am praying for complete healing for you too dear friend.
I apologize for not keeping up with you, but have just not been on line for sometime.
Thank you for all of your encouraging words.
Hugs and Blessings,


You have the cutest little love blog ever!!! What a breath of fresh air here.
Thanks for making me smile =)


What a wonderful reminder.. We should be more compassionate towards other people when they might have a bad attitude. We never know what they may be going through! God Bless ya!


Hi Loren! I'm SO sorry it's taken me a week to get over here, but what a delight your post is. I love the point you brought out about thinking about the other person and why they may be doing what they are doing...being others centered rather than self-centered.

I won't be putting a post up this week. I've been playing catch up at work since returning from the missions conference we were at. This has been the first evening I've blogged since Sunday. I can't believe it! Anyway, I'll have our next one up Monday morning.

Thanks for understanding.


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